Pakistan To End Electricity Load-shedding in 2 Years: ADB

The Asia Development Bank’s (ADB) Country Director for Pakistan Werner Liepach recently stated that Pakistan could end energy rationing (load-shedding) within the next two years.

If true, the news comes as a sliver of hope for long suffering Pakistani citizens.

The economy is constantly crippled by the electricity issue faced by the citizens and businesses alike. The businesses say that it decreases productivity and causes an uncertainty for foreign investments.

ADB Initiatives to Boost Power Output in Pakistan

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is lending Pakistan $1 billion over the next 5 years as part of the efforts to solve Pakistan’s energy crisis and also for other reforms such as privatizing some parts of the energy sector and ensuring transparency.

Mr. Werner Liepach said that he was mostly satisfied with the progress being made by Pakistan’s energy sector’s reforms.

When asked at a press conference whether the electricity rationing problem would be resolved within the next two years, he replied in the affirmative.

According to him, it could be ended earlier but it depends on various other factors such as global oil prices.

Power Issues and Government Promises

Analysts claim that if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif manages to solve the electricity rationing (load-shedding) issue by the end of his term, he could manage to secure another victory in the 2018 elections. His party highlighted the energy shortfall as one of the major issues in the 2013 general elections.

The government has apparently made the resolution of the chronic energy shortage facing the country its top priority, by starting new hydro-electric, coal-fire and renewable energy projects.

Power Minister Khawaja Asif said that Pakistan has hit record power production last week at 17,350 megawatts (MW), with the production shortfall varying between 1500MW and 4700MW within the same week.

It could be the saving grace for the government after the infamous Panama leaks, and would prove to be a major step forward in the development of Pakistan’s economy.

Now more than ever, since the reclassification of Pakistan as an emerging market, foreign investments are likely to increase.

To prove as an attractive destination for foreign investment, solving Pakistan’s energy is the need of the hour for the government.

Via Reuters

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  • Agar hukumat boly to propk ko yakin nhi ata ar agr gora boly to propk jan nichawar krny ko tyar hy. Agr gory itny pakeeza hyn apki nazar m to unhn leader kyu ni bna lety???? Stupid article.

  • okay we will be producing much, but who will take care of circular debt? poor wapda infrastructure ? and corruption within distribution companies which promotes electricity theft ?

  • They want corrupt people stay in power so that they keep giving loans on high interest.

  • Amount for orange train is much more than amount allocated for electricity production. This show where govt.’s preference is.

  • Load sheding situation is much better than Zardari ere. It’s now 3 hours only in Ramdan as compared to 12 hour load sheding back in 2008-2010. It will be a big achievement if govt is able to end load shedding in next 2 years.

    • beta apny mohally ya choty se town se bahar nikal kar dekh 16 hours ki load shedding chal rahi hy woh bhi day time ki. Andaza laga roza daron ki kia halat hogi, lekin kia karain yarrrrrrrr
      Jab tak Patwari or Bhutto zinda hain Pakistan ka kuch bhala nahi hoga, Khuda garaq kary dono ko (AAMEEN)

      • Aunti kam az kam Ramadan mein tu bud-duaaien or galiyan na doo. Maybe you are living in a area where Wapda is having heavy line losses in form of stolen electricity. It’s wapda’s policy to do long time load shedding in those area where line loss rate is high. I live in big City and I have visited a remote city where low income people live. Load shedding was 4 hours a day there.

  • To Mr writer, bhai Maryam nawaz ny kitny paisay diye hain? Hamara bhi jugar lagwao yar 250 ki daal nahi kha sakty to 250 ka chicken kese kharedain? Tumhari tarha ki income mil jaye to hamary ghar me bhi daal pakny lag jayegi…

  • We have 10-12 hours daily load shedding here in Jhung during Ramadan which use to be 14-16 hours during PPP govt and I am sure situation will be much worse in Sindh, Balochistan and KPK so I dont see it reducing to 0 hours in just 2 years.

  • han g, 3 saal guzer gye na Govt. k, ab ye 2 saal ka lolipop to dena hai na awaam ko choosney k lie. Laanat ho aisi khabees hakoomat per. Ethics dekhne hai, to David Cameron ko dekho, total British population me aaj sirf 4% ne European Union me rehne k khilaaf vote dia, & David Cameron decided to step down as UK Prime Minister. He said “Ab wo kisi or ko mulk ki khidmat ka moka dena chahta hai”. Wah.

    Ye hamarey hi haraam khor politicians hain jo samajhtey hain in se achi mulk ki khidmat koi ker hi nai sakta. Power & politics k lie apni izzat neelaam kerne k baad bhi baaz nahi atey.

  • It could be the saving grace for the government after the infamous Panama leaks, and would prove to be a major step forward in the development of Pakistan’s economy.

    Most of the Pakistani money in panama stashed is made from selling electricity at huge markup by crooks here.

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