Social Media is Playing a Negative Role in Pakistan: Ch Nisar

Pakistan’s interior Minister, Ch Nisar Ali Khan has said that country’s social media is playing a negative role by spreading rumors and baseless facts, reported Dawn News.

Mr. Nisar was quoted as saying that such negative role by social media is affecting country’s progress against war on terror.

Its still unclear if Mr. Nisar wanted to imply that Pakistan’s Social Media is supporting terrorism or not.

Minister, during a press conference today, said that “negative propaganda” spread through social media brings down the morale of security forces.

At the same time Mr. Nisar specifically thanked journalists and said that mainstream media is playing a better and responsible role.

Ch. Nisar was briefing the media about security situation in the country after tough week in Karachi when Chief Justice’s son was kidnapped and Amjar Sabri, the renowned Qawwal, was killed during the daylight on the streets of Karachi.

It maybe recalled that government has been long trying to cap social media. The recent most effort is a cyber crime law that’s in process of getting approved from Senate, where it is handed over to inexperienced committee to decide.

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  • Ek syasi jamat k hamdardo ki traf se fauj or rangers k khilaaf posts krne ki waja se kaha ha

    • Let’s not beat about the bush. It’s MQM, funded by their Indian, American and British overlords and the number 1 promoter of terrorism in Pakistan.

  • Yes i agree with ch nisar aocial media are paid media against pakistan, ch nisar please ban whatever u can to save our country specially free calls through whatsapp facebook and other application this free call are using by the people who create problwm in pakistan as u can see gulf countries all keep ban for these services to save their countries so why not pakistan, we need safty not a free stuff which cause many problems in pakistan since pk govt does bio matric to get sim if govt not stop thos free call system then what is the reason to have biometric system at the monement bio netric system only for innocent people and corrupt and people using free phone service so please block all this free stuff to make pakistan a peacefull heaven

  • I wonder, how come mere social media propaganda brings down morale of our forces which are supposed to be exemplary professional? Moreover, if they know they are making progress, why do they get affected at all – unless the propaganda has an iota of truth in it. Above all, do they keep checking social media accounts during the battles/wars/skirmishes? Obviously NOT. Its the morale and PR of a few attention seeker generals which gets affected while they sit in their comfy offices and contemplate a lavish retirement plan.

    • I think security forces should focus more on fighting terrorism rather than wasting time on social media, like gen bajwa sb. Ohh wait recently fauji tout govt paid 30 crores to Madrissa Haqqania, probably to boost morale of security forces.

      P.S: I m not from N-league or PPP either so PTI champs, please spare me.

  • Jo cheez b qabu mei na aey usy ghaddar, negative, mulk dushman aur yahood o hannod ki sponsored qarar de do. Easiest approach

  • SORRY, it clearly shows how uneducated ch.nisar is…! have no clue what social media is. LET it be known to Ch. Nisar that social media is not owned by any one ….. FOR his information, India has appointed 100’s of S.M experts to advertise, propagate & pin point disturbing issues regarding Pakistan some of those are correct BUT majority of those are wrong and intended to defame Pakistan & Pakistani armed forces, government, etc & advertising terrorist activities

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