Hover Camera is a Drone That Snaps Selfies and Follows You Around

There are times when you wish that your selfie stick could have had more range, just so that everyone is captured in a snapshot. But alas, the stick’s length thwarts your ambitions and you have to make do with a selfie that’s far from perfect.

If this is an issue that you face with alarming regularity, then perhaps it might be time to consider something a bit more…. air-worthy?

Enter Hover Camera, a flying drone that does 4k video and 13 megapixels of snapshot-taking goodness, ready to record high quality video or snap that perfect selfie from as far as you like.


Features of the Hover Camera Drone

Hover Camera is a drone for personal use, tiny enough yet huge enough to indulge your self-photography needs. It gives you an aerial option to take pictures or videos of you as you go on with your life.

Its tiny and its foldable, menaing you can take it places with you easily. Plus its controlled via your smartphone, letting you see if that shot you want to take is passable, or more than passable.

It is light, given its carbon fibre material. And its durable as well. But the best part? The wings on the drone are enclosed, meaning that your pets or little children are unlikely to get injured if the Hover Camera is, well, hovering around.

Details about the Hover Camera

The drone-cum-camera was developed by a US-Chinese company Zero Zero Robotics, taking 2 years before it was ready for consumer use. It will go on sale in the next few months.

Though theres been no mention of how much it could cost, Zero Zero Robotics CEO Mengqiu Wang has told the press that we can expect it to be within a sub-$600 price point.

As for availability, it will first debut in China, followed by America. Still no word on when it will go on sale in Europe and Asia.

Battery life of the Hover Camera is also been kept under wraps at the moment. Mr. Wang assures us that new removable battery tech is being worked upon so that its operation time is more than what one can see currently in drones available the market. The idea is to make a consumer-grade drone model that is sufficient for everyone and perfectly safe to use.

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