Online UK Visa Application System Launched for Pakistan

Access UK – formerly known as the Online Application Service, has launched a new online Visa Application system for Pakistan.

The intuitive and simple service makes it quicker and more convenient for customers to pay and apply for UK immigration and visa products. Applicants can also book an appointment and pay for their application using standard or priority service.

The service offers customers a shorter and dynamic application form that asks relevant questions based on previous answers. The service has been designed with local customers in mind so questions are available in Urdu although the answers still have to be in English.

Applicants will be able to review, edit and download a partially completed application before submission, and access via Smartphones and tablets.

What VISAs Can You Apply For?

Access UK service will work for customers applying for Standard Visitor Visa, Visitor Visa (Marriage and Civil Partnership) and Visitor Visa (Permitted Paid Engagement). A separate application for Schengen Visa, with partially auto-completed Schengen Application form is also available for download and print.

Payment Methods:

Customers can apply, book their Visa Application Center (VAC) appointment, and pay for the relevant service standard seamlessly through MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, PayPal and Skrill.

Till date, over 330,000 applicants have already used Access UK. You can access it here.

  • i have applied twice for UK visa, but got refused, even i have valid US visa for 5 years and schengen visa for 3 three years, there is nothing good in launching the new website, until visa decisions made by their UK consulate or UK High commission located in Pakistan, the stupid thing is UK has high commission and consulate in Pakistan but they forward all applications to Abu Dhabi high commision where Indians mare making decisions on Pakistani visa applications, as far as i remember UK is not a Schengen border partner so i am doubt how they are offering schengen visa service.

    • same experience here, UK refusing visa despite of already multiple visits to uk and valid US visa..
      dnt know whats wrong with them.. they can face slump in their economy!

    • You do realize Pakistanis are notorious for just disappearing and staying there, right? I think ithappened to the old olympic team in the US. The Pakistani team landed and disappeared.

    • Yeah, why not! If everything wrong in the state of Pakistan is because of the state of India, everything wrong with common Pakistani must be because of a common Indian. Nice deduction. Now, I can live my entire life living that I did no mistake, rather than looking and to say “did I do any?”, All the best.

  • mene mamool ke mutabik aj bhi propakistani visit ki waha ek fresh article read kya ke “namecheap” naam ki company 0.88 cent me domain de rhi he.. jab wo web khol ke wapis propakistani pe aya to wo article he delet krdya gya tha.. ye sub kuch secounds me hua.. screenshot bhi attached he mulahiza kejie.

  • This is not new I have applied for UK visa last June 2015 and it was all online except you have to submit all docs to gerrys FEDEX…

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