Apple Sued for $10 Billion by Man Who Claims He Invented iPhone in 1992

After being sued by an unknown Chinese manufacturer for copying the design of the iPhone 6s a few weeks back, Apple is once again getting sued for the said product, this time by a Florida engineer for a mammoth $10 billion. The drawings in question show a basic rectangular caricature of a handheld device which were made way back in 1992.

The guy, whose name is Thomas S. Ross, failed to earn a patent after his failure to pay the required fee needed to earn the patent, however, as he puts it, he is a victim of high-profile “dumpster diving” from Apple.


His drawings show a hand-drawn “Electronic Reading Device” (ERD) which brought together a “novel combination of media and communication tools”. While the Chinese lawsuit revolved only around the iPhone, in this case it is claimed that its identity is “hijacked and exploited by Apple’s iPhones, iPods, iPads and others”.


Ross claims that the dumpster diving caused his “great and irreparable injury that cannot be fully compensated or measured in money”. He is now set for a hearing on the case, which will be held for June 27.

Apart from $10 billion that he’s demanding upfront, Ross is also asking to be granted rights to an annual 1.5 percent royalty on Apple’s sales. In 2015, Apple recorded sales of $235 billion, which makes Ross entitled to $3.5 billion further already.

If you ask us, the drawings are as vague as they get. For one, any smart device is bound to follow this basic pattern. Further, it is more of a sprawling mess than anything which its maker claims it to be, incorporating features (again on paper) like solar cell, a diskette drive, MS-DOS and even a keyboard, something which Apple has ignored from the get go.

And currently, Apple isn’t even the only one making portable devices (nor is the one to have invented them), as the list goes on to include hundreds of thousands of companies which, yes, includes those Chinese ones. We look forward to the arguments that will be presented further as the trial goes on.

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  • This guy seems to be a ‘Patent Troll’. A while back ‘John Oliver’ of ‘Last Week Tonight’ did a very good video on these kind of guys. I would recommend everyone to watch that video to get an insight of how these Patent Trolls work

    • Nah, he doesn’t hold a single patent regarding his “invention”. He’s just a freeloading numbnut desperately looking for a way to mooch off of someone else’s success.

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