IT Sector Gets New Industry Association and its Called TECH

Despite the IT industry in Pakistan growing at an accelerated pace, there is a substantial gap between the industry and academia. Over 10,000 IT graduates enter the job market every year yet IT companies still struggle to find suitable talent.

The reason is the lack of a cohesive training and mentoring plan to enable these graduates to hit the ground running. The problem isn’t isolated to young graduates either. The fast pace of technology means professionals have to remain abreast of current developments lest they fall behind modern paradigms.

This is exactly the aim of TECH Pakistan (Technology Association in Pakistan), established six months ago by Kanwal Masroor. It is a powerful team and an association of top IT & Technology professionals along with top market leaders who are associated with all technology sectors in Pakistan. Growing at a steady pace and attracting high profile personnel from across the industry, it’s set to be a major player in the IT industry of Pakistan.

Some notable members of TECH’s advisory board are:

  • Mir Muhammad Ali Khan, President TECH Pakistan
  • Salim Ghauri
  • Qaiser Abbas
  • Ashraf Chaudhary
  • Fasieh Mehta
  • Nadeem Malik

Till date, TECH has not only reached every university possible but also mentored a number of startups, partnered up strategically with other associations and programs, provided training & workshops, arranged technology meet-ups and participated in exhibitions and events. Working at the policy level while making efforts to address the grass roots is what makes TECH Pakistan unique in its mission.

Mr. Masroor, Chairman TECH Pakistan, said:

The IT sector of Pakistan is emerging to be a dynamic world where people need to change themselves with the changing trends in technology in order to cope up and mould you according to the latest development in technology. I feel Pakistan has a lot of potential and can be one of the top countries having best IT industry.

To join or know more about TECH Pakistan, you can visit their site here.