IT Sector Gets New Industry Association and its Called TECH

Despite the IT industry in Pakistan growing at an accelerated pace, there is a substantial gap between the industry and academia. Over 10,000 IT graduates enter the job market every year yet IT companies still struggle to find suitable talent.

The reason is the lack of a cohesive training and mentoring plan to enable these graduates to hit the ground running. The problem isn’t isolated to young graduates either. The fast pace of technology means professionals have to remain abreast of current developments lest they fall behind modern paradigms.

This is exactly the aim of TECH Pakistan (Technology Association in Pakistan), established six months ago by Kanwal Masroor. It is a powerful team and an association of top IT & Technology professionals along with top market leaders who are associated with all technology sectors in Pakistan. Growing at a steady pace and attracting high profile personnel from across the industry, it’s set to be a major player in the IT industry of Pakistan.

Some notable members of TECH’s advisory board are:

  • Mir Muhammad Ali Khan, President TECH Pakistan
  • Salim Ghauri
  • Qaiser Abbas
  • Ashraf Chaudhary
  • Fasieh Mehta
  • Nadeem Malik

Till date, TECH has not only reached every university possible but also mentored a number of startups, partnered up strategically with other associations and programs, provided training & workshops, arranged technology meet-ups and participated in exhibitions and events. Working at the policy level while making efforts to address the grass roots is what makes TECH Pakistan unique in its mission.

Mr. Masroor, Chairman TECH Pakistan, said:

The IT sector of Pakistan is emerging to be a dynamic world where people need to change themselves with the changing trends in technology in order to cope up and mould you according to the latest development in technology. I feel Pakistan has a lot of potential and can be one of the top countries having best IT industry.

To join or know more about TECH Pakistan, you can visit their site here.

    • yeah, it’s great to see 7 males set this up. thank goodness for that. pakistan is safe now.

      • Oh Thanks for these post, this is not a gender discrimination issue, chill guys, soon you will find many ladies

  • Salam, Please take it in positive manner. I know all members of TECH and no one has direct experience in services sector of IT. Unfortunately, major growth is in services sector as compare to product side. Please add few members from IT services companies who can share their challenges and guide fresh graduates according to their needs.

    • Mohsin thank you very much for raising this question, I have been answering to every person who has some confusion about this. If you can see we have 70% IT people in our BOD & Advisory Board, rest of the people will let us educate about the economy, Market analysis, cash flows and more about their experiences to connect properly all the sectors with technology. That is how you can establish the technology industry otherwise an IT person cannot make wonder alone.

    • these guys are jealous and bitter of pasha’s success. let them at it though, will be fun to watch how pointless this proves to be.

      • Thank you very much for writing as ghost “Kanwal Masroor’s alter ego” i am very thankful to explain the difference between TECH & PASHA. So Hamid Roshan, PASHA is doing great in their own domain and we have no conflict of interest at all, PASHA is handling their responsibilities very well and growing IT Technology to the high in the sky. TECH is a platform where we actually gather all the technology people and work on Research and development in the Technology sector of Pakistan. And very future we will be working together with PASHA. Thnx

  • Now, it’s getting fun now. LOL. Appointing the non technical people for the association of a Tech Industry wow.

    • Not sure mansoor what is meant by this? I guess Bill Gates himself is not doing any Microsoft Product Development, casting vision is something very different, you probably love food but not necessarily you have to be a Chef for this, no offense but I see Salim Ghauri, Fasieh Mehta, Kanwal and Nadeem Malik is the same picture and 4 out of 7 are actually TOP technical resumes. I hope I was able to clear my point.

      • Look the thing is, Bill Gates himself his a hardcore programmer whom developed the Windows by himself you are using now. & Today he is out of the mainframe. You talked about food, yeah I am a foodie and trust me I am a BBQ specialist. & yeah, I agree with you regard Salim Ghauri. He is actually right person :) The rest of them. Not

        • I can understand Mansoor, new things are not easily adaptable. Just wait and watch, you actually don’t know how much Techy people are in the TECH. Thanks for considering

          • Well, I guess whom you are talking about are all having the same mission, vision and what ever. But actually when you face, the reality turns out something else.

            PS: People need something different and actionable, these tech associations are doing something else.

            • Great Mansoor1223, you seems very experienced in making associations. How about we appoint you on a position and you decide what to do. We are serious.

              • TBH, I am not interested in creating such tech associations, never had experience but I have seen the “Behind The Scenes” what these actually do .


                  • That’s the difference between your thinking and mine. I believe in bring something new and you believe in that formal old system :)

                    I am not being negative but I would like to have something new as there are several great ideas with me that just needs action. I find people who can’t keep words change the statements in seconds that’s the problem in the industry. The very first example is you, editing your comments so easily :)

                    Thanks for the discussion :)

                    • Take action then ! share the ideas, build a team, influence perceptions and work on them. There is no productivity in pointless discussions. Best of luck with your ideas!

                    • what if you give it a try and see. We are initiating things and we respect our critics even if they are at very beginning. i do understand u are speaking of you past bad experiances but seriously we need inputs of valuable people like you who can suggest what has gone bad in past so that the same should not be repeated. i hope u take it positive.

  • Okay Okay, everyone talked about this now i have right to comment too.

    So they made another association OMG! first i would ask whats new? what will be benefits? as we got [email protected] as well but they focused on their own startups (NEST I/O ) and supporting local companies so it is like [email protected] Association not PAKISTAN software association.

    What TECH will be doing? as i see CEO is also Founder of a Company so how can he focus on others? Strange !

    Okay, so what about team members? let me be very frank now
    this is all about Marketing and this is all Tactics been used to viral the news in other way by sharing on public figures profiles.
    MIR MAK got good public hearing, Salim Ghauri of-course got good audience, Ashraf Chaudry is also getting more day by day, and others too. why they didnt selected some real talented people for this who are more connected to IT and have good ability to do more rather than selecting Non-Techies just for Self promotion.

    So it is TECH which is = CliCk9


    • Thank you for your valuable comments. To your question how it is different from PASHA let me clear that we do not encourage comparison as PASHA is doing good job being in their domain of representing software houses. And at you can go through our mission and vision which is to strengthen the whole industry be it academia, young graduates with no direction, Startup coming to market with weak business plan or corporate sector.

      You yourself might be one of the respectable individual who is expecting someone to come forward and initiate some concrete steps.

      Moving further to your comments about Click9 we can not erase any bad perception that people have made about us. Our true efforts will prove.

      Have a good day.

    • haha and your point is ? yes that is how things work. People come together and work towards a goal. Yes click9 is associated, it is not a secret.

    • Someone said once that people who are always looking for negative always finds negative. what u want to say is that we should have given Tech website job to some other agency who would charge big amount and would u contribute to that amount. i m not offending u but i see the only pointbo your participation here is offensing this cause. i m sure u must be wondering what positive we would do then come and extend your support and if not then wait with miscoscopic eye. Stay blessed

  • I am not sure what this new TECH will do for us. My question is how could individual software developers or IT consultants benefit from such associations? They just do everything for big companies. There should be a system where IT experts can get association and recognition like in many other fields they have this system. PASHA or TECH both are same. They just had a bunch of TOP IT CEOs and don’t they what they do.

    • Thank you Arsalan for a wonderful question. If we both are same, than there was no need to establish TECH my dear. If you go and see our activities none of workshop/session or seminar along with any meetup had been done for a big company, we are trying to reach like every ignored tech person in Pakistan. I can understand your point, but rest assured, we have started from grass-root level and will be working for this level, having CEOs on Board is to bring them to the place where you and me can easily reach. Hope you have got your answer arsalan, please stay in touch with me

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