11 Years Old Pakistani Develops a Miltary Grade Drone

Microsoft has said that Bilal Ahmed, 11, has built his own military grade drone while working at Microsoft Innovation Center in Karachi.

According to details, Bilal converted a QR X350 drone into a military grade drone that can fly up to a height of 1500 feet and bears capabilities that are similar to those used by security and defense agencies.

Drone — that’s made up of aluminum — has a camera that can take photos and capture videos.

Bilal was able to pragmatically control drone in a way that it can reduce turbulence and is self-stabilizing.

Not only this, the drone can take off and land automatically using its in-built GPS. Live telemetry data and graphs can be viewed on a radio controller for post flight checks.

Bilal, who is a student at The City School in Karachi, has reportedly made several robots on multiple platforms before this.

Microsoft has said that Bilal was able to develop this drone under mentor-ship and while working at Microsoft Innovation Center in Karachi. “He used to come and work after his schools”, said Microsoft.

Company said that Bilal used tools such as Raspberry Pi 2, Visual Studio and Windows 10 IoT Core for the development of his drone.

“Bilal hopes to one day develop a Bionic Suit which is a type of external robotic suit that helps paralysed people walk again, and also allows people to do more work using less effort and power”, said a blog published by Microsoft.

Via TechNet

  • Seriously, ProPaki? You don’t have to stoop so low. -_-

    If a 11 year old kid can make ‘military grade’ drones on his own, let’s shutdown all advanced military manufacturing factories and place orders to him instead.

    This wiz-kid thing got to stop now!!

    • Atif

      and a raspberry pi tool from Microsoft….

    • Ahmed Zafar

      You know the Oculus Rift was developed by a 19 year old in his garage?

      Sometimes some whiz-kids think of things, or do things better than many companies can.

      There are a lot of examples of this if you google them

      • you need to Google some brain, bruh!

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          No result found!

      • Taha Najam

        Are you for real? Something like Oculus Rift can’t be developed by an individual in their garage. It has taken an entire team of the best engineers and developers, with funding from a company like Facebook, four plus years to develop it. And it’s still not ready!

        • Shahid Saleem

          Boy are you lazy. You cannot take a few minutes to Google it? You can post idiotic comment here instead more easily?

          YES the person who invented Oculus Rift was under 20 years old.
          YES the person did it on his own at first, and then got funding after he demonstrated his working prototype.

          Whether or not this kid has made “military-grade” (whatever that means) drone or not, it’s a start.

    • What you have done so far?, have you ever developed a simple toy drone?, we all know this isn’t real military drone but at least some one is doing effort for the country future.

    • ventricle

      This is not a cooked-up story. It is reported by TechNet, officially Microsoft. So you have to believe it. Have you read the details though?

      • No, I don’t HAVE to believe it even if some desi writer at Microsoft blog, promoting charlatan culture, says so. And yes, I have read the nonsensical article.

    • abdullah

      microsoft said that!! not propakistani! allah aap ko angraizi parhnay ki salahiat naseeb karay….

      • heelllow


    • Ishtiaq

      Agai Moti te Cha gai Moti!

      • What if I tell you that’s ‘moti’ as in ‘moti choor laddu’, you perv?

        • Ishtiaq

          Still i will believe u :). Don’t worry.

  • I need the address of this kid

    • faaria

      too late bro. after this news he would be already working in a secret base of military.

      • Taha Najam

        Lol, not likely. Also you’re giving propakistani too much credit.

    • …to kill him before he lays eggs?

  • Muhammad Zaman

    Proud of you Bilal. Stay blessed. Your abilities will be useful only when only Pakistani Nationals are in Power and dual nationals are properly punished for having harmed the beloved country.

    • Taha Najam

      You need help.

    • Helllow

      I think you’re the dad of this kid

  • faaria

    I remember once several newspapers reported that a Pakistani invented a rocket which runs on water. When i searched further, he was just making water rockets by pressurizing water in softdrink bottles using his bicycle pump. which is a very common and simple method and my university has water rocket competitions annually.

    • Please tell me you’re kidding. LOL!

      • faaria

        search “Pakistani develops water-run rocket missile” on a search engine. you’ll get it ;)

  • Proud of this kid, in future he will be to make high class drones.

    • Umair A. Shahid

      Gold colored drones? with retina display.. and titanium body.. designed by Jonathan Ive..

  • johar

    bus kar do yar. Farigh news.

  • Qasim57

    You didn’t mention specs with which drones are compared — what’s it’s endurance (i.e. can fly for 4 hours), payload (carry 20 kg), or range (can cover 200 km area).

    • Taha Najam

      It’s a surveillance drone. There is no payload capacity. The rest all depends on battery.

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Maola mujhe otha le tu :D :D yahi din dekhna tha

  • Ahmer

    Its not fake news…Its 100% correct …I have myself seen him making LFR and Quadcopter and he actually did beat all the contestants which were university student,so why can’t he do this???

    • Taha Najam

      He hasn’t developed s***. He just modified an off the shelf drone. And not without intervention either. Check out his YouTube channel, Bat Lab. Someone, probably a parent, is feeding him instructions off cam.

  • madni

    hey moti daku go back to india and dake dal .

  • Rashid

    is this for real? cheap publicity

  • Long Live Pakistan

    Zabardast. We must appreciate him. Well done Bilal..

  • Long Live Pakistan

    The problem with you Pakistani guys that you always think and act negatively. Shame on you guys. Look at in our neighbor India. If he was in India. You would have been witness the promotion by Indian people and media. Lets be patriotic and pro Pakistani.

    • Mr.tooodlessss

      That negativity is reflected in your words, bro.

  • Saeed

    He is just 11 and doing something good. Well done

  • Aman Sarwar

    We should be proud of this kid. Now bang on your like button silently and let me finish my lunch.

  • Umair

    umm.. aaa. ahem ahem. ok I understand that there are genius kids who have made tremendous inventions. But my question is simple. I couldnt find any drone in the picture :P

  • Mohsan Hassan

    He should be brother of Malalalalalalala

  • Shaharyar Rao

    did u order it from aliexpress ?