Join ICEPT for Short Courses on IT, Graphics & Fashion This Summer

Unemployment in Pakistan is on an all-time high. Among various factors of unemployment, one reason is the absence of entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur not only creates a job for himself, but produces opportunities for many others. The increase in higher education enrollment in recent times is a good news for us. Sadly, our educational institutions are producing more and more employees, thus injecting more people into this unemployment circle. In such a scenario, we need institutions who focus on producing entrepreneurs.

Iqra Center for Emerging Products and Technologies (ICEPT) at Iqra University is a training institution providing pathway to a practical future. ICEPT wants to equip people with skills that will make them self-sufficient for themselves and focuses to produce entrepreneurs rather than employees. They offer a wide-range of trainings in the domain of Computer Science, Networking, Engineering, Essentials, Media Sciences and Fashion/Textile Designing. These courses are open to students as well as industry professionals. A list of trainings they currently offer can be seen below.

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When asked about some other in-demand courses, Mr. Muhammad Asad (Manager Technical at ICEPT) told us that they are continuously adding new courses which they feel are beneficial for participants. He also said that students and industry professionals can always reach them to tell the trainings they are interested in, and it can be offered at a suitable time.

Students are usually free in summers and it is always beneficial for them to learn a new skill. In the following list of short courses offered by ICEPT this summer, there are various courses through which students can immediately start working on freelancing websites. Apart from this, adding a new skill might help some to start a new company, whereas, others can add it to their CVs to attract companies.

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Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bangash, Head of ICEPT, told us that they have a state-of-the-art air-conditioned and completely Apple iMac based facility in Iqra University which no other training institution in twin cities has. Participants from different age groups, as young as 14 years, join them for these short courses.

To facilitate the students, they offer the first day of training completely free. Even if in the middle of course a student is not satisfied, he can claim a full refund. They have a pretty easy and straight forward online registration process. Unlike many other academic institutions, ICEPT doesn’t charge any admission or registration fee.



You can reach ICEPT through their website or phone number 0331-44-42378. They are quite active on their Facebook page as well at

  • I am joining the course for C/C++ & Java, guys if we join in the form of group, we can get discount, lets make a group for C/C++ & Java course and get discount, please email me at [email protected]

  • Anyone for CISCO CCNA (Routing & Switching) so we can make a group and get some discount :P

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