Nayatel to Upgrade its Customers to 20Mbps for Free During Eid

Nayatel, a fiber optic based broadband service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, has announced that it will upgrade its customers to straight 20Mbps speeds during six holidays of week.

“In line with our tradition of higher Internet bandwidth Eid greetings, Nayatel is pleased to offer 20 Mbps free bandwidth upgrade for its home customers on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar 2016”, said a statement issued by the company.

With this, all home customers — regardless of their speeds — will get 20Mbps speeds during Eid Holidays starting from July 5th till July 10th, 2016.

Not to mention, all downloads during this time will not add to monthly data limits of the customers. Meaning that, all downloads during the promotion period are literally unlimited and totally free.

For those who don’t know, Nayatel offers broadband services on fiber and all customers receive advertised speeds unlike some other service providers where advertised speed is usually a lot higher than the actual speeds.

Nayatel said that customers having old hardware, might not be able to achieve full 20 Mbps bandwidth because of router processing limitation. Company said that such customers should contact helpline to get the issue resolved.

It must be noted that customers may face service interruption up to 10 minutes during the activation and deactivation of this promo bundle.

  • are they planing to expand to karachi, i am impressed by their internet packages,its cheaper then what i am currently paying to wirtibe for a very sucky connection :/

  • I have Nayatel at my home and believe me it’s the best Internet ever the speed is 99.99% what is mentioned and I never had any interruptions ever I am lucky I never used PTCL because of living in UAE and got to use Nayatel since I was in Islamabad I would suggest it to everyone. And I promise you won’t be disappointed ps the customer care department is real quick if you have any problems regarding anything. BEST BESt 10/10

      • Comparing it to ptcl, it is cheaper and faster. 2000 for a 10mb connection. Plus, I don’t face those random disconnections.
        Comparing it to nayatel, it is still cheaper and faster. plus unlimited download. And the download speeds double midnight.
        The only down side is they take way to long to give you a connection. In Lahore they don’t cover all areas. And their customer service is a hit or a miss. Sometimes a issue is fixed within hours. Other times it can take a day or two.

    • Glad to know about this ISP. I would love to know a bit more about it like the package that you are subscribed to, how much do you pay monthly in total (including taxes and any other) and also the upfront charges please, thanks.

      • I am subscribed to a 10mb package. Why do I have speeds greater than that, I’ll talk about that later.
        The 10mb connection costs 2,000 per month. 2,260 or 2,280 per month with taxes. Both the download and upload speeds are 10mb.
        My isp has upgrades my package for the same price as a promotional offer. It is only for a limited time. They say I’m their “valuable” customer, they just want to spoil me so I can subscribe to their 50mb connection.
        2 more things, the download speed for 5mb,10mb&20mb customer doubles during midnight. And the WiFi router is terrible. Better get a separate WiFi router.

        • Got it :D
          That’s awesome dude ! I am surprised how come I didn’t know about this ISP before. Now let’s hope and pray they do have coverage in my area. Anyway thanks for your honest review I appreciate that.

  • someone from Karachi … plz tell me which SOLID fiber based ISP is available in N.Nazimabad areas of karachi ?

    also , i sorta find networking enigmatic , so someone please tell me some major points on how is Fiber better than WiMax or DSL or other similar broadband services ?

    • In layman’s terms, fiber operates using laser so hypothetically, data transfer occurs at the speed of light. Everything else is limited by the shortcomings of copper or EM waves.

      • sooo … with a Fiber connection , im looking at seamless video streaming , great (LOW) pings in-game , super fast downloads AS WELL AS uploads ?

      • clever boy … (or Aqalmand , whichever u prefer :D )
        but lets leave the expletives in the playground

        im just using the ambiance here to promote this meme :D

  • “where advertised speed is usually a lot lower than the actual speeds.”… proof reading, it should be “where advertised speed is usually a lot higher than the actual speeds.”

    • Shukar hai nahi kiya, upgrade karty to adhy city ky to net hi disconnect hona start hojatay :p aur jus pr update karty usi pr chorh daity, phr daity rahao bill.

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