This is How Pakistan Paid Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi (in Pictures)

Renowned humanitarian, social activist and the man behind the world’s largest ambulance network, Abdul Sattar Edhi recently passed away after a long battle with kidney failure.

His frugal lifestyle and commitment to the unfortunate people of Pakistan have earned him the admiration of people globally.

His death has left a huge irreplaceable void in the hearts of Pakistanis. Many people, dignitaries and brands remembered the man that Edhi was, all in their own unique ways.

Here are some of the ways they celebrated the undying icon that was Edhi Sahab, on social media:

The celebrated newspaper cartoonist Sabir Nazar honored Edhi Sahab with this gem of a piece:

Asad Umar from PTI capitalized on the Wall of Kindness approach to deliver this tribute to Edhi Sahab:

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to immortalize Edhi with this cricket kit:

Google Inc. also remembered the life and death of Edhi Sahib on

There are calls for making July 8th the National Charity Day, in memory of Edhi and his magnanimous spirit of giving back to the people:

Pakistan’s artist community wasn’t far behind in celebrating Edhi and here are some of the most visually brilliant pieces that they did:


The State Bank is also planning to issue commemorative coins that celebrate Edhi and his achievements:

Abdul Sattar Edhi took care of the country’s poor and the unfortunate when no one could. What better way than to carry forward his mission of caring and compassion than by donating to the Edhi Foundation. Its the least we can do to honor his memory.


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  • Jazib

    Are you crazy ?? Celebrated is not totally inappropriate word. Paid Tribute should be used instead of celebrated. Correct karo @Amir Bhai

  • akbar

    Despite PM Nawaz Sharif poor health he did not resist to show his distress over death of Edhi Sahab.He announced to give highest to civilian award to Mr Edhi Sahab.Punjab CM Shabaz Sharif announced to do renaming of places on name the of Mr Edhi.This shows that PMLN value people and work for people.PM Nawaz Sharif also said not to give any special homecoming protocol to me.Despite poor health PM is continuously leading the nation from front.

    • Atif

      i hope this is a sarcasm.

      • Adnan

        this is exactly what i had in mind “i hope this is sarcasm” :)

        • Ali Salman

          Imran Khan had his flight to London that is why he couldn’t come for condolence of Edhi sahab ” says KPK CM. I think this was even bigger sarcasm.

          • Atif

            How is this statement a sarcasm?

      • Ali Salman

        Imran Khan had his flight to London that is why he couldn’t come for condolence of Edhi sahab ” says KPK CM. I think this was even bigger sarcasm…right?

      • KMQ

        Zahir si baat hai Atif bhai, Akbar bhai ka bhi haq banta hai hum logon ko hansane ka.

    • Farhan

      PM announced the award just to make his idiot voters happy!

      Edhi was already given Nishan-e-Imtiaz ( the highest award ) in 1989! He can’t be given it again! So please just keep voting for PM Nawaz, read his press releases, and keep thinking he’s an angel!

      • Asim

        PM announced Nishan-e-Imtiaz after death, (baad az marg).

        • Farhan

          He was already given that in 1989!

          • Asim

            How? he was alive in 1989! how a award after death could be announced? Award after death is different.

            • Farhan

              It’s not an award for the dead, read it’s details

            • Taha Najam

              That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Keep it up.

              • Asim

                Please share that stupidest thing that you ever heard, and how pessimist “Keep it up”

                • Taha Najam

                  Okay, let me spell it out so even you can understand. If someone has already been awarded a title, there is no need to award them the same title again after their death. Only our brain-dead current establishment will do something like this, and not for the person in question at all but for their own selfish reasons.

    • Abid Ali

      You’re from Maryam’s media cell?

      • Ali Salman

        May be he is, but he can’t beat PTI’s propaganda.

  • PCB chairman has suggested renaming Qaddafi Stadium to Edhi Stadium. That’s ridiculous!

    • Usama

      A stadium which always remain closed and never open for foreign countries tour.This ghost stadium rename serves no purpose.

      • Who said stadiums are made to serve foreign teams only?

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Allah ne jo Eidi ko izzat di, bare bare badshaw in history waha tak na pohanch saky. May Allah give him highest place in Jannat ul firdoos, Ameen.

    • Ali Salman

      Naam Angrazoon wala aur comment urdu mai..LOL.

      • Uzair Asim

        Angrez bi to dekho knsa hai..

      • Sheldon Cooper

        aur dua molvio wali :)

      • Sheldon Cooper

        Ali u r the one from ovex??

  • Asim

    I have copied from same wikipedia link you provided “The award may be awarded posthumously and may also be awarded to an individual more than once”. Posthumously means after death. We need to verify things before commenting as it becomes public property when goes online!