This Could Be Your Best Look at the Upcoming iPhone 7

A bunch of leaks preceding the launch of a new iPhone is nothing new but this could be one of the more promising ones yet. Coming courtesy of Nowhere Else, the image shows the back of the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone with a single-camera setup.

There are a lot of things to note here.

First, the smaller iPhone doesn’t have the much hyped dual-12 megapixel setup of the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone where the second lens acts to add depth or improve low-light conditions. Secondly, there are a lot less of those ugly antenna lines which violate the rather sleek-looking industrial design of the iPhones 6/6s. They are confined mostly to the upper and lower halves of the device, and should be completely hidden in a case.


The camera itself though is 25 percent larger in diameter, which is due to a bigger CMOS sensor and improved aperture. It also seems to be protruding more outwards than before. Apple is hence going the opposite direction that Samsung took with the S7 and not a lot of people will be pleased. To be honest though, the camera looks pretty photoshopped to us.

There are a few reasons to believe that this isn’t it, too. For one, there is no branding on the bottom of the phone, though that could be due to the work-in-progress nature of the iPhone 7. There is also no word on the availability of the headphone jack, one of the more controversial aspects about the new iPhone.

Anyhow, you know you wouldn’t have to wait much longer with the official release in just a couple of months’ time. Watch this space until then for more updates on iPhone 7.

  • And look at the reflection in Apple’s logo. I agree with 2Zs’ (Zohair and Zawayar), this look fake indeed.

  • Guys, this pic is not fake. It’s just a prototype to show that upcoming iPhone may look like this. INdeed its being photo shopped just to give you guys clear picture of what upcoming iPhone7 may look like.

    So, please stop saying that its fake and stuff.

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