Zong Now Allows to Share Your Data Bundle with Up to 10 Friends

Zong has announced these new 3G/4G data internet bundles that customers can share with their friends and family, no matter where they are.

With Zong Data Share, you can share your data bundles with up to 10 friends and family members. All members can simultaneously enjoy Mobile internet with uninterrupted internet browsing, surfing or online gaming on the go.

With Zong Data Share, only one person has to buy the data share bundle, while other — up to 10 friends — can enjoy the same bundle without paying any charges, as long as the subscribed data share bundle volume is not exhausted.

Zong Data Share Bundles

Customers can selected from below data bundles, to be shared with friends:

  • Monthly 5GB data bundle: Rs. 500 per month
  • Monthly 10GB data bundle: Rs. 900 per month

How to Subscribe and Share:

  • Dial *6464*5# & follow the following steps
    • Step 1: Create Group
    • Step 2 : Subscribe to a bundle
    • Step 3 : Add members & start sharing!

All group members will be sent an intimation SMS while added in the group and bundle is shared.

Dial *6464*5# >4>1 to check remaining limit in the bundle.


  • Zong Share Bundles can co-exist with other data bundles
  • If subscribed to data share bundle, then any data consumed by owner and other group members will be charged from Zong data share bundles
  • In case data share bundle expires, all members and owner will be charged for data at base rate of Rs.1/MB within bundle validity period.
  • If members are subscribed to any other data bundle then data share bundle will be consumed first; once its if fully consumed, group member’s own data bundle will be consumed next.

  • it took me 10 minutes to load this page on Zong 4G MBB device

    their service is gone to s##t!!!

    took a speedtest: 350ms ping and 1Mbps???

    so much for upto 150Mbps bull crap

    worse then ptcl these lot

    • and half the websites are either blocked by cloudflare or cloudflare
      cant find a cached version and you have to wait hours trying for a live

      • are you kidding me? either you are lone 3G user in your area or your speed-test result isn’t accurate.

        • Hahahaha, no its true, Ap speed test ko ghlt keh skte hn, downloading k wkt transfer rate ko ni…. Jo k 2.5 tk hita hai…. Aur me akela ni, yahan poora city he ZonG use krta hai Internet k kiye

  • What a joke. Before opening the article I was expecting that this offer would be alongside MBB devices data bundles like warid where on MBB device bundle one can use same bundle on any conventional number without subscribing other data bundle.
    Seriously Disappointed.

  • todays inaugural of the merged companies WaridTel, and Mobilink with the icing of Ericsson for 5G trails started worldwide, and would be available here in Pakistan for the testing of Fully automated Cars in Karachi which would necessiate the 5G usage. The 5G was earlier tested by Huawei in Barcelona this year. As early impressions of the worst 3G on TD-SCDMA on Beijing Olympics is coming up with 4G/LTE which is not correct. Suggest if they have put us on order.

  • Comments are self explanatory which should be taken seriously by the Zong sales/marketing Team. Sales, Sales, Sales and nothing else. Service, Support. Please try to realise.

  • گنجا نہائے گا کیا اور نچوڑے گا کیا

    ایسی گھٹیا آفر سے بہتر تھا نا ہی دیتے

  • If leave sharing at first these 2 are cheapest packages other then 2GB weekly. 10GB @ Rs. 900 is the cheapest among all 5 3G/4G providers. Moreover it is a good choice that we can connect all our devices with multiplied speed and without hotspot.

  • Seriously it should be available for MBB bundle. i am already using MBB and cant buy another one for sharing. This is not good initiative from Zong.

  • Zong internet is not like before ! it was very good about a year before but now it is worst than ptcl !

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