NADRA to Introduce Fees for CNIC Re-Verification

The re-verification process of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) has been in a state of delay for a while now. A new development related to this process is that the Chairman of NADRA has moved a summary to the Interior Ministry suggesting to charge Rs 15 per family to meet the expenditure of verification of CNICs.

According to the new re-verification process, NADRA was required to send an SMS to the head of the family for re-verification. The summary moved by the Chairman of NADRA is part of a new proposal that is under consideration. This proposal suggests that the Mobile phone companies will be directed to receive the SMS charges from the head of the family.

Sources say that this proposal is aimed to meet the expenditures of the whole re-verification process. Considering the number of CNIC holders in Pakistan, NADRA will end up earning millions if these charges are implemented.

NADRA was directed by the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to start the re-verification process of CNICs from the first of July 2016. But no work has been started yet despite the passage of 13 days.

A committee has been formed under the Secretary for Interior affairs to find a solution to the re-verification issue.

via Pakistan Today

  • what if head of family doesnt have a sim/phone…? no number associated with head of family…who will they text next?

    • Bilal Iqbal

      any family member

  • Waqas

    15 for messages? meanwhile mobile companies are giving 100 message for like 1PKR.

    • umer

      Which company is giving 100 sms for 1rs?

      • Kashif Surhio

        SMS package ka bol raha hy

      • Waqas

        Telenor gives 300 messages for 2PKR. And I’m sure they earn from such cheap deals as well.

  • Timeless

    Chor hakumat ka aik or khancha

  • asadkhattak

    اس حکومت میں ایک سے ایک لیموں نچوڑ بیٹھا ھوا ھے۔ عوام کا بہانے بہانے سے رس نکال رھے ھیں اور عوام فریاد تک نہی کر رھی کہ زیادہ رس کیوں نکال رھے ھو البتہ کہتی ھے کہ لیموں نچوڑوں کی تعداد زیادہ کرو۔ھمارا وقت قیمتی ھے

  • Ishtiaq

    What about those who have already verified by smsing their self?

    • KMQ

      Isthiaq bhai, mere khayal se woh awaeen chawal tha.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Another way to loot the nation.
    Way to go Nawaz Group of corrupts

  • Aneef Izhar

    What if the head of the family is no more alive?

    • Aneef Izhar

      or his number is no more active as he’s not alive

      • Bilal Iqbal

        family members can also send message..

  • Muhammad Nafees

    NADRA have to pay the amount for re verification as they have issued CNIC to Afghanis after getting handsome amount from them, it was not noble cause it was their business:@

  • Mohammad Altaf

    Nadra just want to fleece the public. It should be free of cost. Public is already paying heavy taxes. For example for every recharge 0f Rs. 100 u pay Rs. 25. to govt.

    • Arsalan Shah

      Only Rs. 14 is for the Govt. Rest is eaten by the Telecom Providers on account of 5% service fee and 5% maintenance charges. We all are misinformed that Rs. 25 is eaten by the government.

  • Eli Ehsan

    ASLI DEHSHATGARDI.. wo bhi Legit wali…..

  • Salman ahmed

    It is govt problem .why should we suffer? Nobody fucking watches ptv why we pay 35 rs for it monthly ? I fucking hate the govt .

  • naseer

    Nadia needs to move one step ahead ,which is that exchange of I’d photo copy between various departments and customer should be stopped . original I’d should be seen and verified by punching it’s # into system electronically for verification. Physical exchange of I’d photocopies are big sources of wrongdoing and corruption.

    • S78


      • Kashif Surhio

        samajh jao dost, wese bhi NADRA or NADIA dono female hain :P

    • Rizwan

      Jab Bander k haath maachis aye gi, to kabhi wo apke baal, kabhi hath, kabhi payoo jalaey ga. Upper se sath ha Nadia Looterun ka. Pehle khud under the table pase le ke harr kisi ko jaili card issue karte hain, phir haram khor Qoum ki naak me damm krte hain. Ye sara bill akele Nisar or Chairman Nadra ko parna chahie, taa k aqal aye inhe.

  • S78

    Bhai ye farmaish Govt ki hay, awam ki nahe hay, jo bole wo kundi khole k usool k tehat, Govt should pay if necessary.

    Other wise mistake NADRA ki hay, they should bear all the cost of correction, after all benefit bhi to NADRA ka hay, Awam ko kia benefit hay?

    • Kashif Surhio

      Sorry to say, Govt matlab takla shareef apni jaib se to nahi dega na bhai…
      Govt bhi tumhary or hamary TAX k paison se payment karygi, or abhi de bhi diya to agay ka kia hoga uska soch lain.

  • Umair Chaudhry

    Karay koi bhray koi….. Lakhon ki rishwat lay kr jis ny CNIC banay hain un ka kia? Na inquiry Na saza. Re-Verification ka darama chala kr Awam ko bhi thanda kr dene hai aur karaon kama bhi lene hai.

    Uger fake CNIC issue hoeye hain tu iss main awam ki kia galti hai?

  • M Abdullah

    How Overseas Pakistanis can verify their family card?

  • N k

    Nadra interduceing fee for verification? Nadra officials are so corrupt I m still waiting for my card so far cost me the fee in pounds and 3 days I didn’t go to work, and still I have no card. I was told im not a Pakistani, even it has been verified from my village, where my family has lived for the last 200 hundred years.

  • Khalid

    This seems stupid. Read on the following comments.

  • Tahir Muhammad

    The Nadra team working in Consulate of Pakistan in Dubai have no knowledge and refused to amend my DOB in my application stating to refer to COURT DECREE/ORDER but I have learned that this was wrong message “” states that Court Decree is required in case the age modification is requested for the second time besides it just the default date printed as 01-01 whereas the year is same & there is no difference.

    Lets hope the Nadra Manager in H.Q. at Islamabad realizes his incompetent team working in Dubai and makes a desirable change in my application.