Nayatel Now Lets You Upgrade Your Bandwidth on Demand

Nayatel, an Islamabad-based telephony and internet provider, has launched a unique Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) feature. The new feature will let users increase their internet speeds up to 20 Mbps whenever they want.

Users will get the choice to upgrade their speeds temporarily and without any download limit when using the Bandwidth on Demand function. Nayatel customers can get bandwidth speeds of 10Mbps, 15Mbps and 20Mbps.

Users will only have to pay when they want the download speeds. They can continue using the normal speeds, the rest of the time.


The feature is available to Home Package users and Connect Package users only. The BoD prices for both internet packages are listed below:

  • Home Packages: Rs. 20 per Mbps per hour
  • Connect Packages: Rs. 50 per Mbps per hour

For Example: If you have 5 Mbps base package and you apply for 20 Mbps, you will be charged with Rs. 300/hour.

The price will be calculated using this formula:

Price = Rs. 20 (Home) or Rs 50 (Connect) x Bandwidth Difference (Selected BoD bandwidth – Current Base Bandwidth)

How to Activate:

To activate the feature you have to login to your Nayatel internet account at Once you have done that click on the Bandwidth on Demand feature and select the date, time and required BoD bandwidth. Once you click submit your request will be accepted.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Active Home and Connect package customers can avail this service.
  • Government taxes are applicable on all rates mentioned above.
  • Your BoD usage limit is twice the charges of your monthly Internet package.
  • You can unsubscribe to this service 15 minutes before your scheduled BoD session.
  • In case your monthly package plan changes, your scheduled BoD session will no longer be applicable.
  • While you are using BoD, new Value Added Services (VAS) (i-e VoD, Live, HD Box, HD Box Smart) activations will not commence. Pre-subscribed VAS will function as subscribed.

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  • The best internet provider in the country. Easily worth the money. My internet died at 11pm and they sent a guy over to fix it within 30 mins. Very impressed with their customer service.

    • are you sure? because thats easily 2100$ plus for a 20mb connection a month lol

      • Nobody will subscribe to BOD for full month, they would rather upgrade their monthly plan instead.
        Indeed the best ISP in Pakistan, their service & customer service is top-notch.

      • That is why the name is Bandwidth “on Demand”. It is a service based on Demand. Not an alternative for monthly packages

      • They surely have 5 star rating customer service. No match on that. Though they need to increase the speed to 10+ mbps.

    • karachi and lahore based fiber to home isp’s are giving 20 mbps unlimited aslow as 2000 rs/month better pings XD

  • There are many folks who are criticizing the move. You have to forgive them for their lack of appreciation and vision because their bandwidth demands are not critical.
    Example of on-demand bandwidth:
    For an analogy, take it you have an ordinary car e.g. old Mehran, Khyber etc. Previously whenever you wanted to go on a road trip, you had to take the same car (with no/crappy AC, uncomfortable seats) for an hour or maybe two-three once every month or so. Now, through BOD, whenever you are planning your next road trip, you can get a new BMW/Audi/Merc on the spot as you are packing for the trip and immediately return it when you reach the destination.

    • I have no affiliation with Nayatel whatsoever but am only appreciating the cutting edge technology behind it. The only reason why it is slightly more expensive than what the public expect it is due to the latest equipment and vendor support that allows them to implement BoD in real time.

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