Shingtech Becomes the Official Asus Notebook Distributor in Pakistan

Shing Technologies Inc. happens to be one of the biggest IT products distributor and a certified Asus products distributor in Pakistan. Now the company has officially announced that they are the distributors for Asus’s notebooks as well.

In addition to sales, Shingtech will also provide after sales services for Asus’s laptops.


There are both high end and low end Asus laptops available at Shingtech, including the rare ones like Asus Zenbook. For the gamers out there, Asus’ exclusive gaming laptop series the “Asus ROG” series will also be available at Shingtech.

Asus is known for good build quality and providing options for casual users, business users and gamers as well. The ROG series especially offers top notch performance, but you can expect the price to be very high as well.

More Options for the Customers

This announcement is good news for Asus fans and for others looking for alternatives to replace their old/obsolete laptops and are limited to Dell or HP as the only good options in the market (ofcourse there are more options but most people prefer either Dell or HP).

Plus the after sales services are also a sigh of relief for those who buy Asus products, as claiming warranty, and getting faulty products repaired will now be a lot easier.

The Asus laptops will be available at Shingpoint stores, Shingtech authorized dealers and online stores from July 15th.

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  • call me a pessimist but i dont have high hopes
    most probably import old models of the RoG and ask for high prices

    • There is custom duty on laptops and all other items which is why prices are definitely going to be higher than what you see on Amazon etc.

      • prices on Amazon include price of product plus duty paid at the US custom office
        if Shingtech is legit Asus distributor he is not importing from Amazon, he is importing from Asus who will send him product without any duty, duty will be charged at Pak Customs, and so the price received in Pakistan will be same as price on Amazon

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