Allied Bank Print AD Forgets Kashmir is a Part of Pakistan

In a small feature on the Daily Express Newspaper, Allied Bank published a thank you post for its customers which included a map of Pakistan without Kashmir.

allied bank

The feature was published yesterday on the Daily Express and showed a map of Pakistan with Allied Bank’s locations across the country in various cities. Embarrassingly, they forgot to include Kashmir in the map of Pakistan.

The ad mentioned how Allied Bank has more than 1017 ATM’s established in Pakistan which had a part in more than 1 million transactions on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. They thanked everyone that had a part in this on behalf of themselves and other banks.

They also added that they were thankful to the customers for using their ATM service which is reliable and available 24/7 (which is subject to individual experiences in reality).

Another Similar Mishap

Its not the first time something like this has happened, 2 months ago during the inauguration ceremony of the Casa-1000 power project in Tajikistan, a similar blunder was committed by the organizers and even the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif failed to take notice of the different map.

While some may chalk these off as simple mistakes, the reality is that Kashmir is a volatile topic and any such blunders have the potential to become a full fledged PR disaster.

Via Daily Express

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      • Bhai Pakistan hai. Sorry honay ki bajayay they want to bully those who point out the mistakes. Shame on Allied Bank and person who made that comment.

    • You should apologize to the nation for your mistake. Instead you want to bully people who pointed out the mistake.

      Shameful Ali

  • Really shameful. ABL should take strict notice and stop hiring incompetents. This should be spread like wildfire.Seems like a very coordinated and ill-intentioned campaign that seems to be happening again and again.

    Great job for raising voice

  • Isn’t Jammu Kashmir a disputed territory? neither india nor Pakistan owns it… so how can this bank show it as part of Pakistan on its ad?
    and before anyone tells me that i lack knowledge… well i am from a kashmiri family and we cant just go meet our relatives in kashmir just like we go to lahore or karachi, we have to get a visa or permit and processing time is in years…we applied for a permit last year in May and haven’t received any confirmation or rejection yet…and with the condition in jammu these days its going to take one more year…so its not part of Pakistan

  • Its a national agenda and how you can forget it ,you must be joking .apologize on wrong doing instead making it a fun

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