A FaceTime Call That Saved a Nation!

Just last night a FaceTime call made on an iPhone device apparently saved Turkey from an attempted coup.

The fate changing call was made by Mr. Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey when he decided to address his nation at a time when TV broadcast was shut down and major installations in Istanbul and Ankara were under heavy army deployments.

President Erdogan was at the time holidaying when part of Turkish military decided to topple the democratic government.

At a time when state TV, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were blocked by rebelled army officials, Erdogen resorted to iPhone device and made a call to nation through video call feature called FaceTime.

“Go to the streets and give them their answer, I am coming to a square in Ankara”, told Erdogan his nation.

This call was aired by CNN’s partner network in Turkey at around 12:24 local time and soon the nation came out and rocked the streets to defend the democracy.

An event which took several dozen lives, rebelled army officers finally gave up against hundred of thousands of Turkish citizens and surrendered themselves to state police.

Before you reach a conclusion, Erdogen has himself blocked Facebook and other social media tools multiple times in the past to curb criticism. Following their president, rebelled military officials blocked Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a first thing earlier in the evening.

However, ultimately it was internet and technology that saved Erdogen his government.

This is a lesson for the politicians elsewhere, especially in Pakistan, to take a note of the incident and be very careful in banning internet or the online tools and applications. They might save you one day!

  • True. But its peoples will that changed thier fate. If it was Pakistan, people would have been celebrating with sweets… without knowledge of coup consequences.

  • I went to turkey last year 2015, current government has made Istanbul better than any European city

  • This is a big lesson to Pakistani Corrupt Politicians…If you are sincere towards the country and the citizens then they will rescue you, no matter how powerful the army is… Pakistani politicians are just here to loot the country, they should focus on educating the masses and work towards the betterment of the country…then army will think 1000 times first before attempting a coup…I am sure that mian sahab will be very happy that if someone tried this in Pakistan i will do the same…but let me give you a quick answer mian sahab…no one care if your government stays or goes…People of Pakistan will celebrate your demise…the people of this country had enough of PPPP and PMLN,,,no one cares about this fake democracy…this is a fail system for 3rd world countries like Pakistan… We should design a new system from quran and sunnah which can make our country a better place…we can learn from china there is no democracy but still they are at the top of the world today in many fields of life…Lastly If democracy was the solution to every problem then look at Brexit…what a joke

    • Totally agree with you brother, but is mulk me true democrazy aa hi nahi sakti.

      Each Govt. loots millions & billions to fund their next election. They’ve enough money to buy 200% votes, what do you expect? They’ve the power to sideline good politicians like Imran Khan.

      Judiciary, Police, Election Commission everything is in their pockets, in this situation only people of the country can throw them out of the picture as a QOUM, but HOW???? That’s a million dollar question.

      As a nation, we can do anything, but we can’t because we’re not a nation. We’re just a group of confused people.

  • We are a very confused nation. There are many things we have conveniently overlooked.
    1) Erdogan had his dong rolled into his abdominal cavity and ran for his life like a coward when the coup started. He knew something was brewing. He was lucky however because communications among non-coup entities were not severed. Civvies had readily started to resist a widely-perceived secular and unreligious army . Thats it. The only flight which landed in Ankara airport was coming from sea and it brought Erdo back from his short-lived exile. He returned only when public had liberated the city before it could be occupied. His is shaken though. Removing hundreds of judges and arresting more than 3000 soldiers means he will be doing a ruthless cleanup and a brutal purge. He cant survive any repeat telecasts and he knows that very well.
    2) Democracy is indeed a treasure these days because every other alternative is worse. Martial laws are fundamentally and schematically bad, no matter which the country.
    3) Erdogan is corrupt. He has tons of cronies, and lackeys and what not. Why else would he control media brutally?
    4) He uses Islam and religion to strengthen his power. He boasts to prevent Turkey from evil Western values. He did nothing new yesterday. His message was simply, save Erdogan save Islam. Religious card works everywhere. Didnt Bush administration call for crusades after 9/11 ?
    5) The mutineers in Turkish army were hesitant, ill-equipped, carried little influence and planned it badly. You are an idiot if first part of your plan is not about stopping citizens+others from communicating with each other. Coups succeed when they ride on the back of uncertainty, lack of information flow and rumors.
    6) If you are not up for a civil war like Syrian Assad, do not attack/kill civilians. Suppressive fire is matter of common sense. Use it.
    7) Turkish opposition resisted the coup because they had not been promised any role after the takeover by military. No one concedes power easily, even if they are opposition.
    8) Top tier Turkish army might not be a part initially, but they seemed to have gone with the flow. The soldiers on ground cant be possibly receiving their commands from a few generals. Another proof is the fact that aircrafts continued to fire even in the morning.
    9) Defanged army means castrated army. How good is an army if no one fears it? Moreover, Turkish army lacks discipline. Being a NATO member proves my point. Someone was able to get jets, helis, APCs, tanks etc all the way to Ankara so smoothly. Maybe, its not our nuclear missiles but NATO forces which can fall into the hands of terrorists. hahahaha :D
    10) Turkish police is well developed/equipped/trained and carries close relationship with politicians. If I put it the other way, it is in pockets of government with political appointments and all that. They timidly tried to take control only when soldiers in armored vehicles and aircraft possibly received orders to stand ground.
    11) Nevertheless, it was not Erdogan’s day to go today. Circumstances conspired to bring him back from exile he shall deny now.
    12) He shot Russian aircraft. I am certain that Putin had set his intelligence on the course of overthrowing him right away. He will likely not stop.
    13) Turkish people have seen the actions of ISIL next door. They know that IS preys on weak countries and nations. Be as it may, they cant afford any tussle within Turkey. Even their army knows that. Then there is problem of Kurdish separatists. Keep them with Turkey means a buffer zone b/w the country and the IS territory.
    14) Turkey has mandatory army service rules. Many who were in the coup, were simply following orders half-heartedly. They were not giving a f what happens. They simply wanted to get on with it, and break free once their service term expires.
    15) Now lets talk PK. Raheel comes from a family of nishan-e-haider recipients. Traditions are biggest strength of our army. So, he shall never trample himself in rotten politics. He simply cant, even if he wanted to. In order to retain the respect that he has, I can bet that he shall retire in time. Nawaz knows his hands are tied, and hence trying desperately to extend his tenure for at least one year.
    16) It hurts when people malign our current army using events of totally unrelated countries. It includes those who ask for Martial Law using Turkish coup inspiration, and those as well who are ridiculing our army by showing them the fate of failed Turkish mutineers.
    17) Aziz humwatno has its charm here. It will be celebrated every time for the right or wrong reasons. Those instigating/ridiculing army today, shall have their balls thrown up their throats if army indeed takes over. Khakis are more popular than ever these days simply because they did clean up a lot of terrorism mess left.
    18) Those drawing paralells b/w PK and Turkey are idiots. For instance, does our dhakkan police have the balls to challenge a retired JCO let alone a serving commissioned officer? As a nation, we dont dare to stop an armed robber. I can only laugh hysterically when someone fantasizes that our people will stop APCs of 111 brigade. hhahahah man really? Lets stop all this nonsense. Failing coups can turn the tables as soon as they can allow their soldiers to fire at whim. Do we want that? Have we forgotten Syria y’all ?

  • A great lesson for General Raheel Shareef to learn. Block the whole Internet before attempting a coup so that when Nawaz Shareef tries to make a FacecTime call it says, there is no internet connectivity. :-p

    • I wonder if NS knows what’s facetime.
      Anyway he should continue to keep the system working. Just let him Complete the tenor, either he will be a winner or complete loser like PPP. Keep hope alive, our democracy is getting better day by day. Plz don’t call other Sharif. It will be disastrous for the country.

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