A FaceTime Call That Saved a Nation!

Just last night a FaceTime call made on an iPhone device apparently saved Turkey from an attempted coup.

The fate changing call was made by Mr. Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey when he decided to address his nation at a time when TV broadcast was shut down and major installations in Istanbul and Ankara were under heavy army deployments.

President Erdogan was at the time holidaying when part of Turkish military decided to topple the democratic government.

At a time when state TV, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were blocked by rebelled army officials, Erdogen resorted to iPhone device and made a call to nation through video call feature called FaceTime.

“Go to the streets and give them their answer, I am coming to a square in Ankara”, told Erdogan his nation.

This call was aired by CNN’s partner network in Turkey at around 12:24 local time and soon the nation came out and rocked the streets to defend the democracy.

An event which took several dozen lives, rebelled army officers finally gave up against hundred of thousands of Turkish citizens and surrendered themselves to state police.

Before you reach a conclusion, Erdogen has himself blocked Facebook and other social media tools multiple times in the past to curb criticism. Following their president, rebelled military officials blocked Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a first thing earlier in the evening.

However, ultimately it was internet and technology that saved Erdogen his government.

This is a lesson for the politicians elsewhere, especially in Pakistan, to take a note of the incident and be very careful in banning internet or the online tools and applications. They might save you one day!