Software Engineer with Links to Banned Outfit Arrested in Islamabad

Islamabad Police has taken in a software engineer from Islamabad for alleged links with a banned organization.

According to the local law enforcement,  Faizanullah, aged 26, was distributing materials critical of the government and armed forces.

“The pamphlets contained statements against the government and the chief of the armed forces and their cowardice,” – FIR registered by the Shalimar police said.

The software engineer in question hails from Sargodha and was currently living in Sector E-11/4 according to Shalimar Police Station Officer Qaiar Niaz Gilani.

Faizanullah was reportedly produced before a judicial magistrate on Saturday. He will be spending his time in Adiala Jail pending his trial.

“By assisting the banned Hizbut Tahrir and distributing its literature, the suspect has committed a crime under section 11-F of the Anti-Terrorism Act and 188 [disobedience to an order duly promulgated by a public servant] of the PPC,” read the FIR.

It is alarming that educated individuals, including software engineers, are now involved in crimes that we once used to attribute to brainwashed children.

Not to mention, this is not the first time that an educated fellow is involved and caught this way. We have other stories of police and law enforcement agencies getting hold of employees of software houses or telecom companies in the past, indicating that it has become do or die situation for us to eradicate the mindset from our society.

Or we are doomed.

Via ET