Software Engineer with Links to Banned Outfit Arrested in Islamabad

Islamabad Police has taken in a software engineer from Islamabad for alleged links with a banned organization.

According to the local law enforcement,  Faizanullah, aged 26, was distributing materials critical of the government and armed forces.

“The pamphlets contained statements against the government and the chief of the armed forces and their cowardice,” – FIR registered by the Shalimar police said.

The software engineer in question hails from Sargodha and was currently living in Sector E-11/4 according to Shalimar Police Station Officer Qaiar Niaz Gilani.

Faizanullah was reportedly produced before a judicial magistrate on Saturday. He will be spending his time in Adiala Jail pending his trial.

“By assisting the banned Hizbut Tahrir and distributing its literature, the suspect has committed a crime under section 11-F of the Anti-Terrorism Act and 188 [disobedience to an order duly promulgated by a public servant] of the PPC,” read the FIR.

It is alarming that educated individuals, including software engineers, are now involved in crimes that we once used to attribute to brainwashed children.

Not to mention, this is not the first time that an educated fellow is involved and caught this way. We have other stories of police and law enforcement agencies getting hold of employees of software houses or telecom companies in the past, indicating that it has become do or die situation for us to eradicate the mindset from our society.

Or we are doomed.

Via ET

  • Political Call for the eatablishment of Islam became crime in a Country where people migrated to live under Islam .

    • @Zeeshan so do u think working for HuT, spreading their ideology is establishment of Islam? they are only talking against Army and Govt.. is this Islam?

  • failure to defeat the intellectual call for upcoming Khilafah results in a form of verdict called “brain washing”
    Will you elaborate why and how its brain washing?

    • first of all… find the right way towards your goal… instead you people are playing in the hands of enemies of Islam and thinking that you are serving Islam and Pakistan…. what a joke…
      The best way to serve Islam is to follow that path set by Quaidi e Azam else you people will create your island of thinking and will live there like the person arrested…

      • Nice bro…. Actually I have been thinking my whole life that the best way to serve Islam is to follow Prophet Saw and now all of sudden I come to know that it’s not the Prophet whom to follow but it’s actually Jinnah… Thanks bro

        • you took the words in wrong direction.. it was only about Pakistan and in short domain.. else there is no one in the world to be compared with Prophet PBUH (He is the best to be followed for whole life) and Quaid i Azam was a great follower of Him (PBUH)… it was only relating to the discussion which was regarding so called mentality…

      • Quaid-e-Azam was more of a secular than Muslim. Keep following, good for you. We are better off with Quran and Sunnah.

        • I was expecting the same… people of your approach loved to stay in india and look at their lives now a days.. Quaid was more Muslim than your idols…. keep dreaming.

        • perhaps u like maudodi more who was against Pakistan from the beginning. But he did moved into Pakistan to get control of govt. later on….

  • Neither democracy nor dictatorship has worked for us since independence. Educated masses support Islam and Khilafat as an alternative.

  • politocal and intellectual slavery of west will be attributed as loyality or brain washing?

  • Working for khilafah is not a crime itk’s an obligation and Alhamdulillah this educated youth is fulfilling this obligation

    • What obligation? being a puppet of something baseless, being rebellious to your own government? It starts with distributing pamphlets then slowly that “obligation” grows stronger, you face trials and investigations from authorities for you activities. Then eventually a time comes when you consider any act permissible to fulfil the “obligation” someone has injected into your mind, even to blow yourself to overthrow the “kufr” government.

      • Get your facts straight Naeem. We must have complete info before we go out and make assumptions that your gut throws at you. If you want to question an obligation then you need to bring facts from an islamic source. If someone is standing for an idea today doesnt mean he will go out and blow himself up tomorrow.

        • No assumptions. We all have seen that happening. The one common theme between all these extremist groups have been the denial of authority/Government on the name of Khilafat. The only difference is some of them are at one level of their extremism and some has gone to the heights (remember ISIS). The idea you stand for has fundamental flaws. Instead of doing good under the goverment you have, you are wasting your energies for something superficial and unattainable. The world have never been like what is portrayed in the khilafah literature nor it will be. Under the hood the purpose is power, revenge and hatred. Nothing good will it bring.

      • You know nothing you want to ask about obligation do it..donot put baseless allegations without knowing anything..

      • Khilafat is not sunni or shia. Khilafat is an Islamic way of ruling and it is an obligation on all Muslims. Sunni and shia are two school of thought and both are allowed to live and prosper in Islamic state.

        • Another misconception. If you are so ignorant please ask any scholars from these two sects. They Do not agree on anything with each other.

    • Agreed. Jihad is obligatory against hypocrites (munafiqeen) too who are enemies of Islam in the veil of muslims.

  • Your biased reporting says all that who is brainwashed plz also share that hate material he is distributing then we have fair discussion..

      • And you must go to UK or US to enjoy secularism according to your logic isn’t it??

      • Then everyone who want secularism should go to UK or US to enjoy secularism according to your logic isn’t it??

        • I am a Pakistani and I am am happy here. Learn something about tolerance which Islam teaches. Har jagah moo utha kay voilence nahi start kar detay without any reason.

          • Violence tum kar rahe ho usko Afghanistan jane ka tum ne kaha us ne nahi kaha. Is liye tum agar itnay tameezdar ho tou pehle apne graiban main jhanko.

            • Brother main nay koon sa aankhain band kar kay kisi ko follow karnay ka bola hai. Jab aik govt hai to kisi aur ko follow karna banta hi nahi. Agar satisfaction nahi ho rahi yaha to nikal jao yaha say. Let others live with peace :)

                • The wordings you are using like “Tum” and “Pitta” shows how well you are groomed aur kitni tameez tareeka hai. Tum jaisay loog hi musalmaanoo ko badnaam kartay hain. Boltay rahoo tumharany bolnay say kisi ko koi faraq nahi parta. Yeah mulk har pakistani ka hai sirf mera nahi :)

  • How is propagating an idea through peaceful measures attributed to “Brainwashed children”? Problem with these blogs is that amateurs start writing all kinds of crap that makes no sense. Shame on propakistani for having no screening process to their content.!!!!

  • News is incomplete without the material in Question. Without that material following statement will offend me “educated individuals, including software engineers, are now involved in crimes”.

  • Pakistan was created so the “Minorities” can have equal rights to that of the majority (Which at the time were Muslims) Pakistan was NEVER CREATED TO BECOME AN ISLAMIST FUNDAMENTALIST STATE!

    We have become the very demon we were once trying to avoid.

    This is the 21st century so the sooner the nation gets their head out of the sand and join the global economy the better instead of going around bragging about being the “Fortress of Islam” We cant even defend our own selves from the parasites within what fortress are we?

    • Agar itna hi bura lag raha hai Islamic fundamentalist country main rehna tou pehle apna name badal de ‘Shankar Kumar’ ya ‘Steve Kelvin’ Phir tu modren kehlye ga. Kyuin yeh tera naam shehryar khan bhi muslim ka hai aur old bhi hai. Doesn’t match with 21st century.

      • Bhai, yeh India nahin hai. This is Pakistan, and it is the message, not just of Jinnah, but of Islam to tolerate and bear every single human be it of any sect, race, or religion. This is not India, which doesn’t and never tolerated Muslims. What’s the difference between you and ISIS?

      • I live in Dubai and I never chose my name, it was given to me. I am proud to be a muslim but I am never proud to be a part of a community where non muslims are abused. Who are you to tell me to get out of the country I was born in? Who are you to tell me to change my name? Whats the difference between your mentality and pre 1947 Hindu mentality? Nikalnay ka boal rahain hain aap mujhay? This is the exact reason why we are destroying our selves.

      • “Land of the Pure”

        Jo matlab aap boal rahay hain wo Jinnah nai nahee banaya tha

    • Completely agree. What is the difference between Pakistan and India? India was a state filled with Hindus, unable to give rights to minorities. If we become just like them, what’s the point of having Pakistan?

    • better look at your so called idols in Europe and US and look at their policies… are they non-affiliated or unbiased….???

  • @ProPk Team: I am assuming you would publish interview of this Software Engineer (Faizanullah) once he is released, which he would be as more than 500 of such cases against educated individuals have been thrown out by Courts as they are totally baseless and without any evidence .. and calling for restoration of Caliphate is not a Crime rather a Positive Agenda for this nation which is enslaved by Ruling Elite via Democracy/Dictatorship Mantra …If you don’t publish his views and what led him to get out and raise voice against the Corrupt System .. Then unfortunately i consider just publishing this news is mere propaganda by your team, which I being daily reader of this Blog consider disappointment …

    • What Minhall say is correct, don’t call brainwashed but we can call them “Shortcut me paisa banany walay”

  • Aamir, it’s part of your civic duty to report IP addresses of the chaps trying to push their propaganda to the right authorities.

  • LEA also advised to keep an eye on comment section here. Enough prospective Adiala Jail dwellers here

  • Quality Check on all Technology in Pakistan should be highest priority, and I am sure ISPR’s Technology Inspectors already achieved it.

  • It’s irresponsible (to the extent of being criminal) to pass judgement on something that the writer does not fully understand. I come to PP for news and views on telecom and technology not to read about uninformed analysis on political matters.

  • It is the state responsiblity to take action against criminals
    But i think Nawaz is the biggest one in this countyside

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