Microsoft Wants You to Become a Data Scientist by Taking Their Online Courses

Data scientist is a job that has more job offerings than job applicants, one of the few jobs that is in high demand and will continue to be so in the near future.

Microsoft also requires more data scientists in the field, but for the ones who are at a different point in their career, say a beginner who needs to learn stuff from the basics or a more experienced data scientist that require specific knowledge to add to their experience, they skill gap is too large for them to study from the same starting point.

Data Science Curriculum

For solving this problem, Microsoft introduced their new Data Science Curriculum via, which is a nonprofit online learning platform created by Harvard University and MIT.

According to a press release by Microsoft, the new Data Science Curriculum offers ”employer-endorsed, university-caliber curriculum for professionals at any stage of their career.”

This course consists of 9 classes with a final project at the end. All of the classes offered can be audited for free. In order to receive credit towards the Microsoft Professional Degree, you must purchase a certificate, one for each step of the curriculum.

The whole course costs $516 in total.

Details and How to Enroll

The students are required to enroll in each course specific sessions. You can view the calendar for each class from here, if you’re interested you can read about the syllabus, view the elective options for each of the units and enroll for a course from the edX page of that particular class.

The field of online education is not something Microsoft is pioneering in. Google and Udacity offer an Android nanodegree in addition to other classes. Amazon also offers a training and certification program for advance technical skills, including big data classes.

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    • Not true. Data science is a growing field. In coming years, almost every company will need one. If you adopt these skills early, you will have an edge on late adopters. You can ask for higher salary now because there are not many experts present now.

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