Google Opens Up Maps Platform to Make Every User an Editor

The search giant, Google, has realised the potential of crowd sourcing and intends to further tap into power of the crowd. According to an announcement, Google will be using its users to improve its Google Maps platform.

The company is introducing a number of new features which will allow users to share their location details much more easily. Users can even confirm other people’s suggested edits. Many users have already seen this feature as it was being slowly rolled out. However, the feature has now been made official, a sign that it will be globally rolled out soon.

Google claims that they make millions of edits and updates to Google Maps everyday but still it is still not enough to ensure that every place on this earth and every location has the most accurate and detailed info. Google previously tried to employ user assistance but the process was much more lengthy. Now it is turning to all of its users to help make Google Maps better.

With the new update, user can now add missing places to maps and even correct business information of all places. All of this can be done via Google Maps app on both, iOS and Android. Even Google Search can be used for this purpose. You might have already noticed buttons for “Suggest an Edit” and “Add a Missing Place” which allow you to make contributions to the Google Maps.

Any edits you make don’t go live immediately in order to make sure the edit is accurate. Some other user has to corroborate the edit or make the same one. Google Maps also pops a notification asking users to confirm a pending edit. It says “Someone suggested new info.” And you can verify the edit by tapping it. Edits immediately show up on the map after verification. However, this notification feature is limited to Android phones for now.

Google is also working on adding businesses which go beyond stores, addresses or working hours. Google Maps can already be used to discover places to visit. It even competes with Yelp and other platforms which inform users about dining places based on time, locations, menu and occasion. Maps app will now allow user to even add additional information about places which can be used for this recommendation feature.

The company already offers Google Drive storage incentives for regular contributors on the Maps app. Since then, the scope of contributions has expanded. With new features being regularly handed over to its one billion users, it won’t be long before Google Maps can be called the most accurate mapping app in the world.

Image Source: TechCrunch

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