Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook Account Deleted

A little over a week after her death, Qandeel Baloch’s Fanpage on Facebook has been deleted, we have checked.

This goes against the usual policy of converting a passed away person’s account and any pages into memorials, which preserves the pictures, videos and other posts so that their family and friends can share memories and celebrate their lives.

Instead, the page has been deleted for ever with no live link available.

It is probable that Facebook received requests for removal of the account and complied with it. Alternatively, someone having access to Qandeel Baloch’s page manually unpublished the page.

Qandeel Baloch was a viral social celebrity in Pakistan and gained fame through controversial photos and videos. A subject of division when she was alive, she was murdered in the name of honor by her brother in Multan.

Untitled-4Right now, the only social presence left of hers is Twitter and Instagram.

We should mention that Qandeel’s Facebook page was deleted once before as well. However, she was able to recover it personally. This time it may be gone forever, as there’s no Qandeel Baloch to get her Facebook page recovered.

The removal of her account raises the question of how Facebook determines whether to delete a person’s account or memorialize it after they pass away.


It appears that the deleted page was Qandeel Baloch’s fanpage. Her official account, which is available here, has been converted into a memorial account.

  • Its not a account, basically its a fanpage, which have been reported multiple times by many people, and now its gone for ever, there was a warning for posting a video ( on qandeel baloch account ) thats why her page was temporary unpublished, which was asked by facebook to delete the video, now its have been unpublished by facebook.

  • may be it is good for her. because any one watching her photos/videos after death can be a disturbance in her eternal life.
    ALLAH knows better

  • Dear, I think before writing this post you should do some research work on facebook. you might get your Answers from their help page. During Selection of Legacy Contact you have an option to chose either to memorize your Account after your Death or just delete when someone report you dead. Simple.

    see the Photo Below.

    • He has already mentioned about this option in the post.

      “Alternatively, someone having access to Qandeel Baloch’s page manually unpublished the page.”

    • Page or profile ka alag alag tareeka ha, profile memorize hoti ha ya delete hoti ha, koi kisi b news article k sath ya deas cert k sath dead ki report kre to profile ya to band ya memorize hojati ha or dono surto me us k page band hojate han agr koi or admin na hoto q k koi post krne wala ni hota

  • Bhai ab tu maaf kardo, abhi bhi iske facebook account ka link de rahe ho :-( Ab bhi koi uski purani pics/videos wagera dekhe ga tu aziyat hi honi hai usko.

    Baki Allah behtar janta hai…

  • Isn’t it a naturally a good news? You should appreciate that, at least no one would look at her unethical pictures. Pray for her RIP and leave her alone at least now! Now anybody go through your link about watching those picture, you would be a good part of it. Better remove it.

  • Facebook pages whose only admin is a deceased person are deleted once their account is memoralized. This is almost a week old news. Her instagram account has also been deleted. #ProPakistaniStandards

  • As soon as Facebook is made aware that such and such person has passed away, they review it and always memoralize the account. But only family members and legacy contact (if allowed in case of legacy contact by the account holder) have the authority to ask for deletion of account if they don’t want account to be memoralized.

    • Ironically, the post reads it raises questions how Facebook ascertain whether to memoralize or delete. How says ProPakistani is a tech blog.

  • Suggestion:
    Propakistani should be changed to SaeenPakistani

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