Websites for Black Magic and Quick Divorce Services Go Online

Even in the 21st century, the more things change the more they remain the same. People have always believed in superstitions and they have always been trying to look at shortcut solutions provided by fraudsters and conmen who are out to play on our gullibility.

If that wasn’t worse, there are impersonators out there who are notorious for giving out a quick rulings on divorce, corrupting the very concept of marriage by treating something as important as divorce as child’s play.

Now it appears, that just like us, these con-artists and fraudsters who deal with black magic and offering snappy divorces are going online. They are offering their ‘services’ online, hoping to prey on people who want to deal with the problems of life by turning to empty solutions.

An Evil Trend Goes Online

Black magic, or kaala jadu as is known in the local vernacular, is something that refuses to go away. People want to settle personal and professional scores? They seek out so-called practitioners of the dark arts, unknowingly giving their money to what are frauds of the highest order.

This is true for people who want quick divorces too, again falling victim to fake clergymen who are just looking forward to making a quick rupiya.

Both these things are contributing rapidly to the decline of Pakistani society, and it appears for now that the authorities at the helm of affairs are asleep. The number of websites offering solutions via black magic or quick divorce are increasing by the day and it needs to be stopped right now.

Cyber Crime Bill Needs to Address Such Sites

As the Cyber Crime Bill nears passage from the Pakistani parliament, it should be noted that the legislation should also consider these black magic and quick divorce offering websites online which are preying on both youth and the elders alike. The Cyber Crime Bill needs to have a provision against these evil websites in the form of an amendment. The punishments meted out to the people behind such websites also ought to be as severe as those prescribed to spammers and impersonators on social media networks.

Getting the appropriate language drafted into law is one thing. Implementation is another. The authorities should also be trained with modern forensic practices and IT know-how so that they can track down the people running such websites. The digitization of Punjab and now Sindh Police therefore, is a step in the right direction to tackle crimes such as these.

  • Faheem Janjua

    Perhaps there are many other who selling creep online in Pakistan, making mamoon to the people, gifts, services, and so many, as far as policy of national action plan, cyber crime act, I think things will take a lot more time to implement.

    • Khalid Yaldram

      if everything is for doing Gen Raheel Sharif ,,,,,why we vote Khota
      sharif……….and why we chanting democracy …………. .

      • Faheem Janjua

        Who told you people vote for Shareef, it is just voted come out from their boxes nothind else.

  • Kashif Surhio

    cyber crime bill will mainly be used for the protection of corrupt politicians not for the people.


    Mene bht si sites or blogs dekhe han jisme maarne tak k jadu ka btaya ha

  • Aalina Susan

    Why Should Cyber Crime Bill Needs to Address Such Sites??
    Are they addressing YouTube Material? Adult Sites?