Easypaisa Now Offers Money Transfers through Biometric Verification Devices

Easypaisa has introduced the first ever Biometric Money Transfer facility on the extensive network of Easypaisa retailers across Pakistan.

Customers using Mobile Financial Services had frequently requested for higher limits that catered to their financial needs. Before the launch of biometric money transfer service, customers could send or receive up to PKR 15,000 in a month from Easypaisa retailers.

Now, using biometric services, customers can avail advanced limits of up to PKR 50,000 and transfer higher amounts. Customers who are not comfortable with sharing their CNIC copies, and thus do not use Mobile Financial Services, will now be able to trust and use the services easily.

With the addition of thumbprint, Easypaisa retailers ensure that the customer’s CNIC is neither expired nor blocked by the government. Currently, more than 20,000 Easypaisa retailers are equipped and trained to facilitate its customers with biometric verification to transfer and receive funds, with more retailers being rapidly added.

Ali Riaz Chaudhry, President and CEO of Tameer Bank, said:

With a network of over 75,000 retailers across rural and urban areas, Easypaisa has been the most popular and successful over-the-counter (OTC) money transfer service crossing 650,000 transactions per day.  Introducing biometric methods of identification further enhances transparency, safety and ease of the transaction.

Muhammad Yahya Khan, Head of Easypaisa, said:

With Biometric verification as the strongest KYC available anywhere in the world, Easypaisa is ensuring real-time verification of the customers and using latest technology to support our valued customers. Easypaisa’s higher money transfer limits will address growing segment of the market who want to send higher amounts hence increase customer’s reach and trust, helping in tapping the true potential of branchless banking industry in Pakistan.

  • They need to have an app for smart phone users so people can pay can receive money simply scanning QR codes.

    • SBP has presided over one of the lowest financial services penetration rates in the world. Only some 12% of adults have a bank account. The country is a joke!

  • >20,000 Easypaisa retailers

    Haha! 20,000 biometric data leakage points. The idiots in power think that biometric are like passwords or something. They are like passwords that you leave everywhere and cannot change at all!

  • Delighted with developments on Bio-metric methods of ID. Other initiatives of NFC, and the likely takeover of PayPal by Master Card are important developments, strengthening of PTA/ITU initiatives of Broadband in Pakistan and related credit of the international event held in Islamabad. Being with the UN Digital Financial Services I compliment Mr. Ali Riaz President/CEO, and Mr. Yahya Khan Head Easy Paisa to please Do More on this to win the heart of IMF, and Finance Ministry supporting the Banking the UnBanked Sector of Pakistan, eCommerce, and onLine Trade. I seek consensus on signing your services as well.

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