Peshawar to Get Mass Transit System

Work on a new mass transit system is underway in the provincial capital of KPK. The mass transit system in Peshawar is expected to be completed by December 2018.

The transit system will provide transport from Chamkani in Peshawar to Karkhano market near Khyber Agency.

Provincial Cabinet Meeting Discusses Establishment of Mass Transit Authority

The provincial cabinet held a meeting on Tuesday where the creation of a Mass Transit Authority was approved. The authority will assist in the formation of a rapid transit system in the city.

The meeting was chaired by the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.

The project on the whole will cost Rs. 25 billion and will include 100 buses in its fleet.

Minister for Public Health Engineering Shah Farman said, while detailing the meeting’s main discussion points that the feasilbility for the Mass Transit system is underway and the project is commencing from November this year.

The mass transit system’s route will include GT Road, Sonehri Masjid Road, Sir Syed Road and Jamrud Road.

KPK Urban Mobility Authority

He also said that the ministry has approved a draft for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Urban Mobility Authority which will oversee the mass transit system. For that the Chief Minister will be the chairman of the board of directors while the Minister of Transport will be the vice chairman.

The authority will make and implement policies for the new Mass Transit System and the urban transport system as a whole in the province.

Seeing as how the Metro has made life easier for folks dwelling in Rawalpindi/Islamabad and in Lahore, hopefully the new mass transit system will ease the load on the city’s traffic system as well.

Via Dawn

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  • Peshawar is like lahore in punjab, pti spending everything in Peshawar and ignoring other districts of KpK

      • I am from peshawar, but what we heard is Charsada is now totally changed from before. New roads are built and alot of new changes done there during this PTI time.
        Whereas we are not happy from PTI, they are not doing things what they can and was easy for them, only building 1 flyover is not enough to get voted next time.

    • Although i am pro pti but phr Ik ya pti walon ko kia haq tha pmln ko bist karnay ka over metro n roads ?everyones the same

    • This move by PTI actually does raise a lot of red flags concerning PTI’s stance on PMLN’s being pro-Lahore .

      • you are comparing 8+ years of PLMN govt in lahore against 3 year of PTI in Peshawar.
        I am not against developement of lahore but still after 8 years they are spending big chunk of budget on only lahore.
        We all now compare PTI with PMLN regardless of the time PLMN has spend in power.
        PTI has just been in power for 3 years. PMLN looters have been born of Zia ul haq and have been ruling for decades now.

        • You’ve got a point.
          But i’m afraid that PTI hasn’t done as much work in the front-end as it has done in the back-end of things (or maybe they just didn’t make adverts for each every move they made ;) ) and that, leaves me in doubt that PTI will have a chance (in Punjab atleast) to hit a 6 in 2k18.

  • Inshallah.. Naya Pakistan.. Inshallahh…… (no no not the PTI slogan, am just singing the SufiSal Song.. that one) :D

    • ha ha TRUE

      tarakki Roads, bridges etc and mass transit say nahin atti……………bhau bhau karnay say aati hai.

      • Lekin kpk me police, education, helth patwari, etc system pehle se bohut change ho chuka he,

    • ha ha TRUE

      tarakki Roads, bridges etc and mass transit say nahin atti……………bhau bhau karnay say aati hai.

      • Neither I’m a Nooni nor I hate Junoonis… I just observe things objectively my brother… which donot go very well with some junoonis

    • Priorities brother. They have worked on health, education, environment, and micro-hydel projects as a priority. Whereas when Nooras lost a couple of seats in Rawalpindi and Multan, they announced BRT systems for both cities. And this project isn’t going to complete by next election even. So yes, it definitely qualifies as Halal and not a political gimmick.

      • This better be a subtle Jab at KPK GOVT cuz otherwise things you’ve stated are debatable and this is not the right forum to do so…. or otherwise I would’ve told you what is gimmick and what is not.

        • bata dy bhai humain bhi pata chalay k nooni logon k paas bolny k liye kia kuch para huwa hy

        • You spew your Nooni politicizations all over this website. Who are you to decide the restrictions of this forum? And no, that was not a subtle jab at the KPK government. I do not take jabs at a government that has given electricity to my ancestral village after 69 long years.

  • Mass Transit System a.k.a Jangla bus/train. Why not KPK govt spending the same 25 Billions for the upbringing of less privileged areas of KPK? Why only Peshawar?

  • Loooool
    Jungla bus.kharbooza kharboozey ko deikh ker rang badal raha hai.taleem me to hum France se mukabley k liyeq ho gaye hai ab roads ki baarhi hai.

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