Dead OS Walking: Microsoft Sold Just 1.2 Million Phones Last Quarter

Microsoft doesn’t really talk much about Windows 10 Mobile these days and it is easy to see why. The company hasn’t explicitly mentioned its sales in the last fiscal quarter of 2016, but did mention selling 13.8 million Smartphones during the year.

Since we know that the company has sold 5.8, 4.5 and 2.3 million phones in the first three quarters, we also know that sales trickled down to just 1.2 million units in the last quarter.

It also mentions that the phone revenue fell by $4.2 billion or 56 percent, in its SEC filing. As for non-smartphones, it sold 75.5 million of those throughout the year. Compared to this, the company sold 36.8 million smartphones and 126.8 million feature-phones in 2015.

It is not a surprise then that Microsoft is yet again laying off large number of employees in the hardware division, the number being 2850, with majority being from the smartphone division. Just this May, it had already killed 1850 jobs, also from the smartphone division.

Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for Windows 10 Mobile ever since its launch. With hardly any phone launches to build up hype, it is all but clear that the only way to go is down and it may hardly even exist on anything else than paper in the coming quarters.

The ecosystem as a result is also hardly going to develop further, meaning Windows on Mobile is now all but a faded dream.

  • Microsoft is unfaithful to their OS. First they promised that WP10 will be released for all WP8 devices and than released it to a limited number of phones. Now they announced that from August skype will stop working on window phone 8.1. If this is the attitude of Microsoft towards its own OS. So how will it flourish. Iphone 5 released at same time of lumia 920 still getting updates and lumia 920 is going backward day by day… why would i buy another WP..the lumia 950 will be like future lumia 920…

  • The OS is dead commercially but MS is still updating and adding things to it on a regular basis. Its hard to tell where the company aims to do by updating a commercially dead OS.
    Maybe its one of their big mistakes (like Nokia) or maybe they actually have a plan (very unlikely) who knows?

      • Yes but that doesn’t even compare to the sales they can get from regular customers. How are they even staying afloat with their mobile OS side of the business?

        • They can’t get regular customers without merging all their platforms and they are just doing it. Once they finish doing this, they’ll start focusing on regular customers by launch of surface phone. Wait till then.

  • What you can expect from such kind of ugly UI OS.
    iOS & Android devices are popular because both operating systems are easy to use.
    Poor Nokia killed their successful Symbian OS for this crappy Windows Phone OS. Nokia paid the price for their mistake, now Microsoft getting ready …

    • windows phone 10 os is beautiful as compare to ios and Android. windows os is as easy as other os. i am using it for more than a year.

  • The only hope now is the Surface Phone scheduled for release some time next year. Using the W10 on Lumia 950 and its quite smooth. The only problem is the app gap, but almost all of the important ones are available except for snapchat.

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