Nawabshah Resident Arrested for Posting Fake Update on Facebook

The cyber crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Karachi has arrested a suspect who allegedly misused social media to propagate a negative agenda.

Abdul Karim Dahri, the suspect, was arrested from Nawabshah yesterday and a case has been filed against him by the FIA.

According to an investigating officer, “The accused recently posted a fake post on Facebook regarding donkey meat being used in Sindhi pulao in Nawabshah.” Abdul Karim is a teacher by profession but also works as a self-proclaimed journalist. He has reportedly using his journalistic influence to blackmail people and get money from them.

The complainant, owner of the Sindhi pulao restaurant, contacted the FIA in Karachi and asked for help. He said that Abdul Karim blackmailed him to pay money as ransom or the accused would defame his restaurant on social media which, eventually, he did by claiming that the restaurant was selling donkey meat.

Abdul Karim has reportedly used abusive language against the Sindhi Pulao restaurant as well and wanted to rally the locals into boycotting or damaging the business. FIA officers used their technical expertise to trace the alleged culprit and detain him.

Lesson for Us

It’s simple, don’t believe everything you see on social media or communication apps. While these mediums are good for information sharing, many fraudsters use them to promote their own personal agenda. Just because someone has shared a photo with a couple of lines in Urdu doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

Do verify such things before taking action. You could end up damaging or hurting innocents by following these nasty people who are looking to profit from this by using the common man as their weapon. When someone claims anything against anyone, he has to have video proof or it didn’t happen. Criminals use Islam and unethical claims against innocents.

Don’t become a part of their crime circle by believing these individuals, who have no authoritative proof. In this case, a teacher did not have the means to identify donkey meat, yet people believed his word without any verification.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Zeeshan

    Thou its encouraging, but my question is has this law been approved from the national assembly yet?

    • Shehzad Ahmed

      Yes of course. The controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 was approved in the National Assembly (NA) on last Wednesday.

    • Shehzad Ahmed

      Yes of course. The Senate on last Friday unanimously passed the controversial Prevention of Electronics Crimes Bill 2016. It was already approved by National Assembly a few months back and moved to senate.

      • Zeeshan

        senate approved it with fifty amendments, and sent back to NA for approving those before it becomes a law in pakistan ( as i heard or my understanding is)

        • Shehzad Ahmed

          This back and forth scene is over. It becomes a Law now.

          • Taha Najam

            Not yet it hasn’t.

          • PANAIA JUNE

            Ksi b bill me amendments k baad waps us house me bhejna parta ha jaha se generate hua tha. Both houses need to approve same bill.

    • Wolverine

      National Response Center for Cyber Crimes is working against cyber crimes way before this “Cyber Crime bill” its a proper law but some minor rules and regulations were made earlier against cyber crimes and NR3C of FIA was working from a long time.

  • Furqan

    Federal investigation authority and citizenshipdifference of Pakistan should read their rights else all will end in jail if it’s case of blackmail it’s wrong gut if that,shop owner was really selling something bad then he must be jailed! but prosecution of state of Pakistan is weak!

    • Taha Najam

      I don’t think someone selling donkey meat for real would want to get the FBI involved if they were blackmailed.


    Oh then First of All FIA have to arrest Saeen Page owner because day by day he is killing famous celebrities.

  • Timeless

    this is good. @AADIL is there a way to online register a complaint to relevant authorities about more cases like these? What is the official procedure to file a complaint?

    • Taha Najam

      Dial 15.

  • so he was arrested for “blackmailing”, not posting an update.

    Stop misleading people ! grow up

    • Wolverine

      Ankhaan khol k parho….
      Open your eyes then read….

  • javed chaudhry

    just like urdupoint and dailypakistan facebook page headlines .

  • Shuja Siddiqui

    can a case be registered against those sending others candy crush requests?

    • Pakistani

      hahahahahaha :)

    • Naru-hudo

      nice one.

      • Taha Najam

        That nick makes me double over from laughter every time lol.

        • Naru-hudo

          naru hudo hmphmpmhmph

          • Taha Najam

            Atarimae desho! B..baaka~ (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

  • QtoPP

    @PP to agar koi PP ke comments section pe jhoot bole ga kisi ke barey mein toh ap FIA ke sath us ke details share karienge?

    • aamir7

      We are liable to any law of the land. If asked legally, by furnishing all legal documents, yes we will do. Otherwise we don’t.

  • Mehmood Memon

    Provide a video proof otherwise i believe this as fake post. Just uploaded for increasing your website ranking :P and using common man as weapon :v

    • Waseem Anjum

      Hahahaha, ethay rakh…. raseedan kaddo :-p

  • aasim

    Why don’t we hear news about news channels which they broadcast wrong news some times .

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Unfortunately, the real face of many of our journalist… We have to face may in our office while they come like Agents to get Illegal work done against some Bribe…(and we give a Shit)… Good work by FIA

  • taimoorak

    This is a case of Blackmailing… not really much related to cyber crime… please dont clickbait with “fake post on facebook”

  • munib

    What about whole country spreading lies about USA elections and Kashmir and War on Terror ?

    A country that inherently belives in lies and its school books preach hate and distortion of history needs to look into its collars collectively first before making individuals answerable

  • Eli Ehsan

    Now Imma gonna sue that SINDHI PULAO eatery guy for that ridiculous name alone. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SINDHI PULAO you maggot……..

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