The First Website Ever Created Turns 25 Years Old

It is difficult to think of anything more important to the modern life than the web. Without it, most of us would probably either die of boredom or turn out to be a different person in every possible way other than anatomically.

The reason you’re being reminded its significance is because it has been 25 years since the first World Wide Web went up. And after all these years, it is still there today!

Created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 on a NEXT computer, the World Wide Web was originally born as a proposal to create a global hypertext system back in 1989 which was tested a year later. Then on August 6, 1990, Berners-Lee posted a description of it online.

Untitled-2The first website ever created

The website is a far cry from what we have come to expect today, but wasn’t unusual for a period when they contained mostly links. Within the year, the first web server outside of Europe opened while in ’93, CERN released the source code to the public. The computer on which the code was developed remains at CERN to this day.

Other than that, Berners-Lee worked on the world’s first browser as well as the various mechanisms of the web including HTTP, HTML and URLs, effectively shaping the internet by himself.

But instead of stopping there, Berners-Lee has devoted as much, if not more, effort in protecting it and keeping it free and equally-accessible. “I feel a certain amount of inventor’s pride,” as he said recently of his invention. “My greatest pride has been the spirit of collaboration we’ve had for the last 25 years.”

  • My personal thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee who made this technology opensource and made it available to billions of humans instead of patented his technology for making huge money for personal interest.

  • Ah the sweet 90s. Late 1997 was when I visited any website for the first time, and was mesmerized by the power and fun of world wide web.

    • The good old times. When cartoons were watchable, when banana was just a fruit and cucumber was just an vegetable, when getting grade B in SSC was the best damn thing, when 0900-78601 was our one stop telephonic entertainment.

      Well that escalated quickly from cartoons to banana, didn’t it :/

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