Here is How to File Complaint Against a Cyber Crime in Pakistan

With Cyber Crime Bill getting all mandatory approvals from lower and upper houses, cyber crimes in Pakistan are not going to go unchecked anymore.

If your Facebook page is hacked, or if someone has posted your pictures without your consent, or even if you think someone is spreading hatred online, you can simply go ahead and report such cyber crimes to NR3C to get relief that’s mandated by law now.

Reporting cyber crimes in Pakistan is very simple and easy. But before we go ahead and explain the process, here are cyber crimes that you can report to cyber crime wing of FIA.

Types of Cyber Crime You Can Report

Here are some of the offenses that come under cyber crime (a list with all possible details is available here).

  • If someone has made a fake FB ID or Twitter ID with your name
  • If someone has posted your images without your consent
  • If someone is spreading racial or ethnic hatred
  • If someone has hacked your Facebook/Email ID
  • If someone has gained un-authorized access to your laptop, phone (Physical Information system, digital data, personal Identity)
  • If someone is defaming you on social media and you think he/she’s wrong in claims he/she is making
  • Online Fund Transfer Fraud through bank, ATM, Easypaisa, U-paisa, Time pay or any other online fund transfer facility
  • If your website is hacked by someone

How to Report Cyber Crimes

If you a victim or any above-mentioned offenses, then you can go ahead and follow below instructions to register a cyber crime in Pakistan

  • Register Complaint Against Cyber Crimes by filling form online: Go to this URL and submit your application online:
  • Register Complaint Against Cyber Crimes with Email: Write an application with all possible details and your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and email it to this email-address: [email protected]
  • Register Complaint Against Cyber Crimes by writing hard-copy application: Write an application with all possible details and your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and send the application to this address:
    • Director NR3C-FIA,
    • National Police Foundation Building,
    • 2nd Floor, Mauve Area, G-10/4,
    • Islamabad
  • Registering Complaint by Walking to NR3C Regional office: Simply visit any of the regional offices of NR3C (addresses given below) and register your complaint in person

Below are the contact details of regional offices

    • 4th Floor, FIA Building, 1st Temple Road,
    • Lahore, Punjab.
    • PHONE +92 42 99203047 – 48
    • FAX +92 42 37323041
    • 1st Floor ,FIA Building (Near Darul Sehat Hospital),
    • Block 14,Gulistan-e-Johar
    • Karachi.
    • PHONE +92 21-99249650
    • FAX +92 21-99249651
    • PABAX +92 21-99249652
    • Opposite RMI Hospital, Phase-5,
    • Hayatabad, Peshawar
    • PHONE +92 91 9217109
    • Al-Zahir Plaza, New Iqbal Town,
    • Express Way, Islamabad.
    • PHONE +92 51 2612280
    • NR3C/FIA, Banglaw No. 410/180 near City School Opposite Crescent Public School,
    • City School Road Jinnah Town
    • Quetta
    • PHONE +92 81 2870057

How to Write a Complaint Against a Cyber Crime?

You can write your complain in plain English/Urdu with maximum possible details about the offense. You can attach any evidence, such as email printouts (screen-grabs) and any possible detail to help the officials understand your case better.

You can also mention (nominate) anyone with their phone/address details.

How Effective is it to Complain with NR3C

With cyber crime bill passed, NR3C is a lot more resourceful now. They have official contacts with ISPs, mobile phone companies, Facebook, Twitter and so on to get your complaint resolved.

It is to be noted that the process time of your application may be up to a few weeks, depending on type of your complaint. If you submit it in proper fashion alongside proof and needed documentation,  your complaint can get resolved with ease.

How to Get Update on Complaints:

You can email ([email protected]) or contact them on 051-9106384 or mobile no: 03366006060 for any queries against your complaint and updates.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Haha really they have Official contacts with Facebook or twitter? :p LOL :v they don’t have any contacts woth Facebook or twitter they can’t get any information about user from contacting Facebook :3 they can only get information that is visible publicly or posted by user.

    • Mr Technical.. Per mein moch aur choti soch aghey nahin bharhne deigi.. Cmon dn be kid, its agency they can contact their hq.

      • Yup I too had read someone on number of People Pakistan had already received info from facebook. Not that they will entertain their every request, but will do provide some info for requests that does not violate terms and conditions.

      • Facebook Terms & Conditions Parh Lo Wo Sirf Information FBI Ko Denge FBI Jo Ke U.S.A Main Hai Ayi Samajh. -_-

      • i agree with technical. mere uper case hua tha fia ka aur unke pas wohi information thi jo maine khud post ki hui thi wo mujhe fb use karne se bhi rok nahi sakty thai main online hota tha per show offline karke unko pata bhi nahi chalta tha ;) unka contact fb ya twitter se hai hi nahi unka mera IP address tak na mil saka :D

        • amir bhai could yo give me more info about what happens when someone files a report against you? i run a dank memes group so xD

      • i lives in UK even Cyber Crime agencies of UK can’t get any information about someone from Facebook.
        only FBI have Official contact with Facebook.

      • try to calling them no response,
        application page is blocked by web filtering restriction

    • yes agree mere sath ho chuka hai aisa :p wo koi info nahi le sakty fb se…jiske saath hua ho usi ko pata hota hai baqi sochty hain ke agency hain unke liye kya mushkil hai LOL oh bhai wo U.S.A mein hai wo kisi country ki agency ko kuch nahi dety pahli baat to yeh hai ke facebook ko contact karna hi mushkil hai na koi help line na koi number aur na koi email..

    • try doing one of the cyber crime mention above and make someone to report against you and then share you experience, it will be much appropriate then. :)

      • hahahah even if they don’t have contact with fb or whatever They’ll at least grind the one who commits crime :p Its like Pakistan’s Police. :p

    • actually no, they do release information to Pakistani authorities. Facebook has published some data. In which India is the on of the top countries to which data is released and Pakistan is a little behind

    • Once my friend PC was affects by ransomware, I ask him to Contact NR3C they don’t receive call then and don’t contact later. And then the after the given time is OVER by ransomware the HDD was formatted and all data was Erased :(

      • Lol you contact cyber crime when u get hack or scamed or someone blackmail you on internet..

        You cant contact them to report a software , i mean that you ofcourse acepted terms and condition of that software while downloading it ,then what can cyber crime do?

  • i lives in UK even Cyber Crime agencies of UK can’t get any information about someone from Facebook.
    only FBI have Official contact with Facebook.

  • Ok here is the catch. I reported a youtube channel + a fbook page over the Hate Speech to Cyber crime website. After submitting the application and by filling all the personal info, I received a call in 25 days from FIA. They asked me to come to FIA office Rawalpindi and provide a written testimony, I told them I already provided that when I filed this report but the person on call said if I want this case to be solved then its mandatory. I explained that I have completed my civic duty by reporting and its State responsibility to act as it deems fit but he insisted bcuz its the only way.
    That is the efficiency of this new system, they need a person to open a case so they can tag him along and feed him to other party when they had to save their own skins. So the case I reported is closed, no matter how ugly the content of that video was but state refused to act on it own.

    RIP Cyber Crime Bill

    • this is because they don’t have any official contact with Google,YouTube,Facebook,Twitter etc

      • Once I reported a (Hate Speech over Religious) complain to PTA and don’t provide any personal info (name, email, phone no., address) and they block that site in Pakistan when i access it dew days later.

  • Aftermath (if complaint logged), what-if get irrelevant visit by law enforcement at FIA office or what is process after logging complaint. I fear for un-known.

  • How can i block my stolen mobile’s IMEI number block and how to unblock IMEI of a mobile which was once lost but then i found it somewhere.

  • I got my credit card information stolen and hackers used my credit card to make transactions from many sites I never head of before. The hackers managed to squeeze quite a lot of money before I could get the card blocked. They made the transaction on Saturday at around 6:00 P.M when they knew that I will be able to get the least help.

    But with the help of my Bank I was able to get details of the transactions that were illegally made on my card. During the weekend I did some research and managed to get 70% of the transactions reversed. The bank was able to get the remaining 28% reversed.

    I got 98% of my money back but the cyber crime division was of no help.

    I registered a complain with complete details at their office located at G-9 Islamabad. The staff was very cooperative there and the environment was also very good.

    They forwarded my complain to their FIA office located at Khanna Pul Rawalpindi and called me approx after two weeks of registering complain for confirmation of complain and getting my consent in writing to proceed further.

    The environment there was pathetic. There was smoke every where, even in the waiting area. I had to wait for almost half an hour at a balcony at one end of the corridor which had its opening towards Islamabad highway. I was unable to breath fresh air as the people over there were even smoking.

    After a long wait I was called in and asked to narrate the incident. They were unable to find my file and after a long search it was finally found buried under a pile of what I will call garbage.

    The told me to give my consent. I signed it and they told me that they will call only if there is any progress in the case.

    I even gave them important clues that I had gathered during my research and provided them with contact info of one of the person who had used my card but they were unable to do anything.

    Thanks to Almighty Allah SWT that with my own 70% effort and with the remaining banks involvement and my regular followup with the bank I was able to recover my funds. Otherwise this FIA cyber crime division as far as credit card related fraud is concerned, they are not effective.

    Just a waste of time and energy.

    • Ager ek bandy ka facebook account hi deactivate ho ya gmail yahoo etc acount hi dell ho whn pay cybercrime waly kasy kisi ka pata laga skty kn hain kase hain. Koi jawb dain mjh

      • Dekhain cyber crime Walay Facebook Ko contact krain aur woh info cyber crime Ko day dain gay. Deactivate ya del ka matlab yeh nhi hota k user ki info bhi delete ho gye hay.

  • If someone msgs you on whatsapp from outside country that he has your private conversations or pictures and wants to friendship but doesnt show you those pic or conversation. Can this be reported and does law cover it and will Crime department take it seriously?

    • I dont think so. And secondly, if a person does not show the picture or conversations, means he does not has them. Be brave and treat such losers with confidence.

  • I have a question one of my cousin had fake FB account made any of her friend and posted her real pictures and while doing all this that person also spreading her number and people start calling her and other side of shadi that person made her account and given her no she s receiving calls from all over the world plz advise what do do

  • I experience once to contact PTA and try to contact them by email and get the email from propakistani and email and email then i compare email with official PTA site then is a difference :D
    Please refer the contact to original site

  • I would like 2 ask that why they need our personal info bcz we don’t commit cyber crime. People don’t want to report a public crime with their personal info. This is Wrong :/

  • ایک خاتون مجھے کچھ عرصہ سے بلیک میل کررہی ہے پہلے اس نے فیس بک پر دوستی کی پھر اس نے میرا تھوڑا بہت نقصان کروایا بعد میں اب میری بیوی کے نام سےجعلی تین تین فیس بک اکاؤنٹ بناکرمجھے مسلسل ایک سال سے تنگ کررہی ہے یہ اکاؤنٹ میں کس طرح بند کراسکتا ہوں خاتون کراچی کی رہائشی ہے برائے مہربانی اس بات کا حل بتائیں

  • koi fake id bana kar kisi k name se or pics kesi or ki laga k mujy bht tng kar ra ha or meri pics pe namunaasab comment kar ra ha es ka kia ho sakta ha pls tell me

  • mujy ek person par 100% doubt ha magr mere pass koi proof nai ha pls tel me the solution???????????

  • if someone from US is making prank calls to another company in US, who’s customer service is outsourced in Pakistan but the phone number belongs to US. Can they file an FIR in Pakistan against that US number ?
    Does anyone know anything about it..
    I have a call center and someone is calling me from google and threatening my employees, though i know the person is in Pakistan but he is calling my US number from google.
    How can i report him?

  • Fake FB account kes pakra ja sakta h ya uski kesy information li ja sakti h ek fake account muje ek month se black mail kr rha h or boht he mind torcher kr rha h wo muje gandi gandi galiyan b deta h meny usko block kiya again new 3 time es ny account new bana kr wahan se msgs krta h meny 3 id uski block b ki h ab pata nh chal rha kon h koi muje eska solution bataega plz

  • Sir my phone is hacked .what can i should do now??? My all data is erased and send message to my contact [HEY!!! Hamza Yaqoob mtn has hacked you.Obey or be hacked.]]

  • Let me know how can file a complain a facebook user with fake ID is there is a male
    make a ID of female and after making friends of young girls try to flert and black mailing.
    how can take a legal action against them .

  • Can we complain against website sending us wrong delivery means showing something else and sending another

  • I just want to ask if somebody is living in Saudia and misusing your picture, how to report him? In Saudia you have to go to police and file a complain which is not possible. Plz let me know

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