Pakistan Vision 2025 Debate to Take Place Next Month

Formed in 2014, Pakistan Vision 2025 is a program that serves to achieve a set of goals and objectives pertaining to human, social and economic development in the country. It has been formulated by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms.

Objectives of the Vision 2025 Program

The program provides a roadmap for current and future governments to follow and keep track of to ensure they reach human, social and economic development goals they have set for 2025.

One of these goals for example is the elimination of the energy crisis by means of constructing dams and power plants.

There are four basic functions for the Vision 2025:

  • It will serve as a compilation of the views of national and international stakeholders regarding the future direction of the country.
  • The program will set goals for the future and expected outcomes which will serve as a roadmap and provide a strategy for human, social and economic development.
  • It will also provide a conceptual platform for the country to become a developed nation and be associated with other countries with a high-income status. All this before the year 2047, when Pakistan will be 100 years old.
  • The program aims to reach globally agreed targets for development which also include Millennium Development Goals.

Pakistan Vision 2025 Debate Program Details

Although Vision 2025 contains realistic goals set by the government, there is a need for reviewing the progress of those goals every year. There is also the need to ensure that sufficient progress is being made towards achieving the targets, with all stakeholders kept well informed about the program throughout.

For that purpose Pakistan Vision 2025 Debate will be held, which the Planning Ministry describes as:

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