Storm Fiber Offers 30Mbps Unlimited Broadband for Just Rs. 3,999

Internet connectivity in Pakistan — on DSL — is largely unreliable with constant disconnections and fluctuations in speed.

While 3G/4G Mobile internet has catered to the nation’s demand for high-speed internet, it is just not viable for everyone; especially for businesses and power users who need to consume high volumes of data at very high speeds.

There’s a reason the west has resorted to FTTH and that’s mainly due to its reliability, consistency and capacity to control higher data speeds.

While FTTH in Pakistan is comparatively a new phenomenon, mainly due to its limited coverage, things have started to change now.

Storm Fiber, a Cybernet company, is offering its FTTH services in Lahore and Karachi at unbelievable prices.

For example, you can enjoy 30Mbps for just Rs. 3,999. This price includes cable TV and fixed line as well as a value addition.

Not to mention, this speed of 30Mbps is valid for both uploads as well as for downloads.

Storm Fiber said that these prices are excluding taxes, but there’s no limit on download/upload and customers can enjoy true unlimited data connections throughout the month.

Below are three packages that Storm Fiber is currently offering:


Please note:

  • Truly unlimited downloads/uploads with no cap whatsoever
  • Prices include internet, TV and phone line
  • Price doesn’t include taxes
  • There’s one time cost of Rs. 12,000 for the CPE
  • CPE can be paid in 12 installments of Rs. 1,200 per month
  • Storm Fiber offers 70 Channels for analog Cable TV
  • Digital Cable TV (with additional set top box) is also available
  • Digital Cable TV comes with 135 channels
  • Set top box is priced at one time cost of Rs. 4,500

Storm Fiber Coverage 

Storm is currently available in Karachi and Lahore at following Locations:

  • Karachi
    • Creek Vista
    • DHA Phase 2
    • DHA Phase 4 (Gizri Lanes only)
    • DHA Phase 5
    • DHA Phase 6
    • DHA Phase 7
    • DHA Phase 7-Extension
    • DHA Phase 2-Extension
    • DHA Phase 5 – Army Housing
    • Generals Colony Zamzama
    • Naval Housing Society – Zamzama
    • PECHS (khalid bin waleed road, kashmir road, shaheed-e-millat road certain portion and Muslimabad will be energized in 2 weeks)
    • Karaz – KDA
    • Civil Lines
    • Bath Island
    • The Place
    • The Forum
    • Ocean Mall
    • Clifton (Block 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and Old Clifton)
  •  Lahore 
    • PCSIR Phase 1
    • Eden Canal Villas
    • New Muslim Town
    • New Garden Town
    • Usman block, Ahmed block, Abu Bakr block, Garden block, Ali block
    • Johar Town (Block G1,G2 and G3)
    • Gulberg Phase 1 (in 2 weeks)
    • Garden Town Phase 2 (in 2 weeks)
    • Model Town (in a month)
    • Sukh Chayn (in 2 weeks)

Storm Fiber said that it is expanding very rapidly and new areas are being added every week.

Get Storm Fiber Today:

You can call their helpline to find out more details on if your place/office comes with-in their coverage areas or not.

Here are their phone numbers:

  • Not available in Allama Iqbal Town Lahore?? secondly That Upfront cost is big amount . Using Fibernet Paying 2850 PKR per month and getting 40Mbps :P

  • ???? why these companies including nayatel are available in my city, or in the whole pakistan !!!!!

    • Nayatel is one of the best FTTH as far as i’ve heard.. but they are currently only in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and now recently they brought their services to Faisalabad… But Still no service to Karachi and Lahore. I am from Karachi and i desperately want their service in Karachi!
      Their packages are very affordable and mostly prefered by Online gamers in Pakistan because of symmetric download upload speed.

      • Cybernet is a giant too.
        Kuch arse main take over krlega agar tareeqay se is service ko chalaya tou.

      • hahahaa, PTCL or Giant? If you bother to look just at their Facebook page, see 99.9% people are cursing, abusing them. GANDI wali galiaan dete hain PTCK ko din pe 100s of angry customers. So in a situation like this, new companies like StormFiber are more than a blessing dude. You sound you’re a ptcl employee lol

  • Still more expensive than Transworld Atlantic which is offering 20Mbps for 2999 which is much more affordable. Total cost including taxes of 3999 package of storm fiber will be above Rs.5000.

  • “you can enjoy 30Mbps — with 3MBps actual speeds”

    I don’t get this? Is the speed 30Mbps or 3Mbps? It’ll be a dealbreaker in case it’s the latter.

      • ALL data network speeds are measured in Megabits/second. Mbps.
        This is the same for Nayatel, Verizon, Google Fiber or others.

        In storage, data is stored in bytes not bits. B stands for byte, b stands for bit. There are 8 bits in one byte.
        So in internet speed world 8Mbps = 1 MBps.

            • 30Mbps = 3.75MBps

              Respect to Aaamir Sb. I am only basic entry level engineer. I’m sorry for ignorance.

              From Wikipedia
              The abbreviation bps is often used to mean bit/s, so that when a 1 Mbps connection is advertised, it usually means that the maximum achievable bandwidth is 1 Mbit/s (one million bits per second), which is 0.125 MB/s (megabyte per second), or about 0.1192 MiB/s (mebibyte per second).
              Data rate units – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              From the web from AT&T Website (maybe they are more expert than poor me)

              Mbps vs. MBps: What’s the Difference?
              It’s often difficult to understand terms used for Internet metrics, such as Mbps vs. MBps. They’re the same letters, though they represent different metrics.

              What’s the difference?

              Mbps means megabits per second. Mb is used for download and upload speed.
              MBps stands for megabytes per second. MB is used for file size.

              • bahi in simple i m using zong 4g when i check my speed test its show 15mb down and up … so my point is this fiber internet show the same speed ?? (30mb on speedtest or 3mb on that what i want to know

            • But the guru is wrong here. 30 Mbps is NOT equal to 3 MBps. It is actually equal to 3.75 MBps. :-)

    • Mbps isn’t the same thing as an MBps (notice the capitalized B). Mbps stands for megabits per second, while the latter stands for megabytes per second; keep in mind that there are 8 bits in one byte so they’re NOT equal. Internet speed is universally measured in Mbps or megabits/sec. 1Mbps is equal to 128KBps (1024 megabits divided by 8), but because of several factors we can’t get perfect speeds, so It’s more like 100-110KBps (more of a 1:10 ratio, instead of 1:8). Thus 30Mbps would roughly be equal to 3MBps download speed.

    • What they have stated is correct. 30Megabits per second measures to about 3Megabytes per second when converted.

      To answer your question, it’s 30Mbps, not 3Mbps.

    • omg… should i get rid of PTCL now?? :D Because i am from Karachi.. and i’ve been waiting for Nayatel service to come in Pakistan but it didn’t

  • Have friends using it, speeds look great! Waiting for PECHS #stormfiber. OTC may seem a little high but aik dafa dayker I wanna be free from the net hassle :/

    • really what is your speed and how is there Customer service .. how good there internet …well im using zong 4g and i m paying 4000rs for 100gb .well zong have good in speed almost 20mb … but download limit is to small. that y i m thinking to change it … pls let me know your experiences with them … :)

      • Too good. A lot of value here. Rs 4999 one time get first month 10mbps free then just Rs 1800 per month for 10mbps. I think it’s a steal.

        Just get it and forget about Internet worries. I have the triple play because Worldcall suspended in my area. Analogue Tv is decent. I heard digital is amazing.

  • This is an amazing offer. I’ve heard great reviews about their services, the speed and technical support. Shall sign up soon.

  • Problem of such services is that they don’t cover all the areas in city and spread the network very slowly. Just like Nayatel in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

      • Correct. And the procedures required to obtain easement or right of way, it is going to take 50 years. Not entirely fault of the ISPs but also the government authorities creating hurdles. Pakistan in dark ages and needs emergency to speed broadband.
        Only 4G or 5G will survive in long run.

  • There is already a really nice hybrid fibre optic network setup in Karachi and Lahore. That is the one owned by worldcall. It isn’t FTTH but there is no need for FTTH when we are talking such low speeds. Remember you can even do 10Gbps over copper now so it’s OK if the last mile is copper.

    3 FTTH companies have started operations in Karachi in just the last couple of years. They are TWA, storm fiber and fiberlink and all of them are laying their own fibre optic cables. In lahore you have Nayatel laying its own cables at a snail’s pace. None of these companies has thought of just buying out world call and using their network. They would rather take a years to build out their own networks. What a waste.

  • Nayatel really needs to step up its game. They’re exploiting the FTTH monopoly they have in Islamabad and Rawalpindi with their low speed offerings.

  • The day this comes to Peshawar, I’m going to drop PTCL in a heartbeat and move to them. PTCL offers poor service at extortionate rates..

  • As a visually impaired
    reader of ProPakistani, who uses screen reader to access this website, I
    request to the management of this site that whenever you post tables containing
    prices and rates, please post it in text not in graphics. My screen reader doesn’t
    interpret graphics.

    • They have three packages.
      Rs 3999 for 30mbps internet and tv and Landline.
      Rs 2999 for 20mbps internet and tv and landline
      Rs 1999 for 10 mbps internet and tv and landline.

      All of them come with unlimited downloads.

      I hope this helps bro.

    • The additional line rent and TV price is if you don’t go with the promo. I believe they have clarified that triple play in 3999 for 30mbps means TV+Internet+Phone-line in 3999+tax.
      2999 for 20mbps,tv,phone
      1999 for 10mbps,tv,phone

      phone line rent is included in above but per minute call is not.

  • For all my brother and sisters … Being an FTTH engineer let me guide you about the speed scene… Bandwidth configured whatever it is 50Mbps or 10Mbps these all are best effort delivery. it not like i configured and fixed 50 Mbps for one customer. So dnt fight for it … cooper technically can transfer 2-3 Mbps max till the customer as because of interference at high frequency travelling through copper…..But FTTH on the other hand whatever company is giving to the customer…its still the best as there is no lag till the customer,. for any questions and queries i am here

  • Kindly provide this facility to all over pakistan with the help of PTCL it will be more easy for u

    • Fiberlink has taken a lot of peoples money one year in advance in Karachi and not delivered service or provided very poor quality service. Must be avoided like the plague.

      • From what I’ve heard from people who have gotten fiberlink, they do tend to take their time to get you connected because they lay their own fiber cable to your home when you request it. The delay it due to getting permission from local authorities. I’m talked to the guy in charge of Lahore, and he was up front about it. Said it would take two month, but may take more in case their are problems with permission. But everyone that I’ve talked to who has fiberlink has had 99.9% uptime. Incase the cable gets cut, as it did when the overpasses were being built on Jail Road they didn’t charge their customers for it.

  • Fiber Strom
    These are the channels they provided Analog.

    Order ANALOG – Karachi

    1 Channel Listing
    2 ARY News
    3 Express News
    4 Dawn News
    5 Geo News
    6 Dunya News
    7 Samaa TV
    8 Aaj News
    9 Channel 92 – HD
    10 Capital TV
    11 News One
    12 PTV News
    13 BBC World News Middle East
    14 CNN International Europe
    15 Al Jazeera International
    16 Bloomberg TV
    17 PTV Home
    18 ARY Digital
    19 Express Entertainment
    20 Urdu 1
    21 Hum TV
    22 Hum Sitaray
    23 Geo Ent.
    24 Geo Kahani
    25 ARY Zindagi
    26 A-Plus
    27 AAJ Entertainment
    28 Play Entertainment
    29 TV One
    30 Sony HD
    31 Star Plus
    32 StarWorld
    33 Colors HD
    34 SONYMAX
    35 SEE TV HD
    36 Filmazia
    37 PTV Sports
    38 Ten Sports Pakistan
    39 Geo Super
    40 HBO Pakistan
    41 National Geographic HD
    42 Discovery Channel
    43 Animal Planet
    44 Hum Masala
    45 Cartoon Network – Pakistan
    46 Nickelodeon – Pakistan
    47 Disney
    48 Pogo – India
    49 B4U Music
    50 8XM
    51 ARY QTV
    52 Channel 24
    53 Abb Takk
    54 Arrahman Arraheem
    55 Neo TV
    56 Metro 1 News
    57 WAQT
    58 PTV Bolan
    59 Pashto One
    60 KTN
    61 Apna Channel
    62 K-21
    63 KTN News
    64 Punjab TV

  • i want you to come in rawalpindi. because ptcl doing with people fraud, our govt not looking. law for only poor people.

  • Salam bhai main karachi gulshan e iqbal main rhta hn or man ye connection lena chata hn to koi meri help krega as e dilane mn

  • Storm Fiber – Absolutely
    pathetic service – Fiber cable was deployed on Friday/Saturday (approx 4
    days ago) and since then I have faced disconnection issues twice once
    on sat/sunday and second time today) and also authentication issues
    twice. Everyday I wake up to a dead internet. Everyday I go home
    thinking it wont be working. DO NOT BUY

  • close