PTCL and ZONG Sign Fiber Optic Leasing Agreement

PTCL will deploy 789kms of fiber for ZONG which will enable delivery of quality telecommunication services for the Pakistani market.

An agreement to this effect was signed between Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and ZONG.

The agreement entails a fiber leasing agreement which will enable ZONG to utilize PTCL’s extensive nationwide fiber optic footprint and its expertise in deploying, operating and maintaining a fiber optic network.

Pakistan’s telecom market has recently started witnessing a sharp increase in the data usage preference of 3G/4G cellular subscribers. This emerging trend is pushing the need for aggressive 3G/4G rollout across the country and creating a demand for effective BTS backhauling for seamless data transmission. This agreement will enable ZONG to further expand its fastest 3G and 4G network nationwide.

Under the agreement, PTCL will deploy, operate and maintain 789 Kilometers of fiber line across the country connecting ZONG’s BTS for data backhauling.

The strategic partnership is a step forward towards actualizing the MoU that was signed between the two companies in December 2015. The MoU declared PTCL as ZONG’s preferred partner for providing infrastructure and technical expertise in a number of sub-sectors.


This project is specifically aimed at enhancing and extending ZONG’s footprint in order to offer high quality data and voice-based services to their rapidly expanding 3G/4G subscriber base across the country.

Mr. Daniel Ritz, CEO and President of PTCL and Mr. Liu Dianfeng (Chairman and CEO, ZONG) signed the agreement at a ceremony held at PTCL Headquarters in Islamabad on 17th August, 2016.
The signing ceremony was attended by senior management from both the companies, including Mr. Sikander Naqi, (Chief Business Development Officer, PTCL), Mr. Saad Warriach (Chief Technical & Information Officer, PTCL), Mr. Muhammad Nehmatullah (CFO, PTCL) and Mr Omar Khalid (EVP, Carrier Services and Wholesale), Mr. Maham Dard, (Director Corporate Affairs, ZONG), Ms. Miao Qiao, (Chief Technical Officer, ZONG), Mr. Mannan Shabir (Executive Director Procurement, ZONG) and Mr. Li Yewen (Director Network Planning, ZONG).

On the occasion, senior management of the two companies emphasized the need for deployment of cost-effective solutions which will enable delivery of quality telecommunication services for the Pakistan market.

    • I don’t think so situation is same everywhere. I live near exchange and I’m happy I rarely had any issue. Mostly speed remain at max.

          • wow such speed what about people who dont live near exchange here i i have 4mb ptcl in morning i have 900kb downstream and in night 2500kb downstream fuck you ptcl for speed changing monoply

            • i don’t live near ptcl exchange but my ptcl speed is ok , on 1mb its 120-130KB transfer rate and on 4mb it’s 450-500KB , in my opinion ptcl is costly as compared to other ISPs

      • its like sitting under tower in open air… hahaha.

        bro Majority ki baat karen to Jon is Correct Hello to Frustrations.

        I am 800m-1 Km from Exchange i received upto 530KB/s but not consistent. in next second it drops to 2k … lot of fluctuations.

        • I haven’t faced this issue. Speed remains the same except in days where PTCL has any DNS issue.

        • ptcl speed is not bad as you ppl spread rumors on social media , there is issue with ptcl that it is costly due to taxes otherwise ptcl speed is ok as they tell us about the average transfer rate

      • You are living in your dreams. PTCL maximum uploading speed is 1MB. The whole country is facing disconnection problem. Very poor service.

  • This is truly called for PTCL “karaye ka tattuu”… why not PTCL focusing on its own cellular brand Ufone, the worst 3G player…

  • PTCL is offering the worst service at premium price. No new attractive offer since a long time. Even average customer does not have access to a 4mbps line in the era of High speed internet.

  • PTCL should improve their own network. The whole country is facing dis-connection problem.

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