64% Mobile Users in Pakistan have 3G Access with Average Speed of 3.3Mbps

Mobile phone companies have been able to stretch their 3G & 4G networks to more than half of Pakistani mobile phone users, said OpenSignal in a market intelligence report it released today.

3G/4G Network Availability

Report said that 63.47% of Pakistani networks are 3G enabled, i.e. almost two third of all cell sites in Pakistan are on 3G (or 4G) network.

OpenSignal said that its 3G/4G network availability metric measures the proportion of time users can connect to a 3G or 4G network.

South Korea lead the 3G/4G availability chart as 98.54% of its network is either on 3G or 4G.

3G or 4G network availability in India stood at 56%.


Average Speed

Report said that average mobile internet speed for Pakistani users stood at 3.3Mbps, that’s just ahead of Afghanistan which is ranked lowest on charts and offered an average mobile internet speed of 2.17Mbps.

Average mobile internet speeds in South Korea, the top country in the category, stood at 41.34Mbps.

Average network speeds for 3G and 4G in India were measured at 5.40Mbps.


Time on WiFi

This metric shows the percentage of time that users in each country were connected to Wifi networks rather than cellular networks. Time on Wifi, however, doesn’t represent the amount of data usage over Wifi.

Report said that 34.12% of mobile phone users had WiFi access and they connected to internet using WiFi during the time the company conducted the survey.

This also means that almost 65.88% of mobile phone users don’t have WiFi access and mobile internet is their primary source of internet connectivity.

Netherlands topped this category as 70% of its mobile phone users had WiFi access, while Ethiopia with 15.5% of users having WiFi access was last in the survey.


OpenSignal said that the data collected for above findings came from regular consumer smartphones and was recorded under normal usage.

For this particular report, 12,356,994,498 datapoints were collected from 822,556 users during the period: May 1st – Jul 23rd 2016

All data has been collected from users of the OpenSignal mobile app for Android or iOS.

Full report available here.

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