You’ll Never Want to Leave This High-Tech Karachi Gym

Personal health is an important but oft-ignored part of our daily life. An Arabian proverb goes, ”He who has health has hope, he who has hope has everything.”

Now what if the gym or fitness club you go to is so well designed and attractive that you don’t want to leave the place? Core Gym fits the criteria pretty well.

Located at the fourteenth floor on the Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi, Core Gym is a luxurious and high end gym designed with minute details in mind to help motivate you during your workout and to help you relax when you’re done.

Here are a few images to pique your interest:

core gym ring

core gym 4

core gym 3

core gym 2

core gym 1

The color themes are deliberate with each color and the lighting designed to help enhance your workout experience and to provide a relaxing atmosphere even in other areas such as the tea bar.

Even the bathroom looks like its out of a 5 star hotel

core gym bathroom

Here’s the tea bar designed with the beige color which represents calmness and relaxation according to the designers.

core gym tea bar

The gym offers yoga studios, an indoor running track, spinning room and a locker room aside from the usual exercise machines and weight training areas.

Timings are as follows

  • Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 10:00pm (No tours or non-member access after 6:00pm)
  • Saturday: 9:30am to 8:30pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm to 8:00pm

You can check out the site for the gym here.

Charge Card 2016

Do you know of another better gym? Sound off in the comments.

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  • I once went to Gym. Rest is the story better not to disclose :P
    Dear Aamir do you ever went to Gym? :)

      • Aaamir bhai woh nutralight wale sahab ka kia hua? I got a call from them almost a month back and said I will get a diet plan and access to app for a month for free. But never heard back anything…

        • Same happened with me then I had a chat with him on thyr fb page.They r in the process of starting beta program very soon. Recently they launched an app that looks very promising, give it a try KMQ bhai.

          • Han bhai lage hue hain pichle 3-4 months se, Ramzan main thodi bad ehtiyati hogayi thi so Ramzan main weight kam nahi hua waise overall in 4 months lost around 18kg. And woh bhi without exercise and walk, I wonder agar exercise aur walk bhi kar leta tu kitna ziyada farak aajata, but I am kind of too lazy for that :-(

            Magar abhi tu long long way to go…

              • aare nahi sir, kia kamal mera target is 55-60 kg. Aur shuro main speed se hua tha reduce but ab process slow hai kafi. Aur overall body main koi khas farak nahi aaya dekhne main wohi bulky body hai :-(

                • woh tum ko lag raha ho ga koi farq nahin aya.. ager chor dia tu sari mehnat zaya ho jaye ge.. apni pic lay loo phir 3 mahinay baad compare karna

                  • nahi dost chorna tu nahi hai chahe 2 saal lag jaen :-)

                    And thanks for the motivation, I hope this NutRight thing will add more speed to it.

                    • Aik zamanay mera bhi bhot weight tha.. Phir diet ki aur slim ho gaya..
                      Also try to read about Intermittent fasting (it will help you lose even more)

                    • 16 then after few years again i gained weight then again diet.. no exercise..
                      First time i was very fat.. jo first time kia woh crash diet tha aur bhot jalid weight khatam ho gaya.. mera khail 2 months lagaya aur full motay say full slim.. itna kaam khata tha kay strength khatam or chakar atay thay..crash diet mat karna..Aur abhi fit hon.. abhi control diet khata hon aur fit hon..bodybuiding saath start kar do haftay mein 3 din aur 2 in sprinting phir tumara weight kam ho jaye ga..

          • han I emailed Umar Majeed couple of days back and he reverted saying they are experiencing some technical glitches with app and he said hopefully in next 2 weeks or so the beta tester would be rolling.

  • GYM looks super cool .. No Doubt !! …. Baki hum se to 100/Day walay mey bhi janay ki HIMMAT nahi hoti wo alag baat hai :P :P

    • We have a sports complex near our home with free gym acess. Can’t even force myself to go there.

  • And I continue to wonder if this and many such irrelevant subjects should be covered on ProPakistani???

  • dat fees tho …

    YAY for the good , clean bathrooms tho !!!!
    finally some bearable rest rooms !

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