Fake News Spotted: US Announces No Visa Policy for Pakistanis

We have been rambling about the same thing again and again. Why do these news agencies and publishers keep making news out of rumors and why don’t they check the facts before publishing?


Today, we heard yet another fake news. Many news agencies, newspapers and online publishers are reporting that the USA has launched a No Visa Policy for Pakistanis. We regret to inform you that the news is completely fake.

The news is spreading like wildfire, with social media being the major carrier of this news. People are already rejoicing as if they have been granted a ticket to Paradise. The story published by Dunya News, Express News, INN and many others is fake.



The news report says, Pakistan has been named among the countries whose nationals have the privilege not to apply for a non-immigrant Visa when traveling to the US, thanks to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). According to the news report, US Foreign Secretary John Kerry has said that Pakistan has been rewarded for the “War on Terror” by the US Foreign Office. And its citizens will be able to travel to the USA without a Visa for simply visiting the country and that travelers will only require an electronic confirmation prior to their journey.

The list (can be seen below), which consists of 38 countries does not include Pakistan’s name and all of this is based on rumors only.


There is no such information on Pakistani or US Embassies’ websites or social media accounts related to the embassies or John Kerry. The US Embassy Pakistan’s Official Facebook page has just posted that this news is false.


It is pathetic how news agencies turn rumors to stories and while the rest of them copy it from each other. Unfortunately, the public is also gullible and they do not verify facts, even though these publishers have proven their inability to share authentic and validated news.

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  • If a common man can identify the news fake, how come these so called news agencies are printing fake news.

  • It was just a joke. The news outlet that ran this story was simply entertainment site…

  • Pathetic in a sense that this program is valid only for those with E-Chip Passport, which Pakistan doesn’t have. Even if its allowed, Pakistani citizen can’t travel without that Passport. Spanking Time for the reporter and for his editor

  • Yaar thore dair ke liye acha mood hoya tha wo ab kharab hau gaya.Chalo koi nahi abhi ke lai Khawab hai kafi hai.

    • Yes of course, I forgot

      It is easier to dream of travel to America than it is to fix the problems outside your house.

  • illrgal america ke visa ke liye illegal (more than one father) log he khuwab dekhte hain. I know lots of highly qualified people who rejects to go to illegal america even when they got the chance. ISPR ko chiye illegal isreal ke tara illegal america ko be illegal declare kar de.

  • I just made USA Free visa entry into Pakistan for my Family (my 2 daughters had USA Passport). This news is fake as no free visa for Pakistanis to travel USA, as I hold Pakistani Passport.

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