Google is Coming to Pakistani Universities This Month

Google, is finally coming to Pakistani universities. Starting with Institute of Business Administration (IBA), they are going to be visiting multiple universities in Pakistan as a part of their “Google for Publishers” initiative.

Google wants to reach out to talented students interested in utilizing and honing their skills. The areas they are currently interested in are designing, developing and monetizing content for websites and mobile apps.

Why Should You Attend?

Are you a writer? A blogger? A web designer? Or an app developer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should not miss this event.

The event will be beneficial for anyone wanting to learn about Google’s monetization products. There would be a particular emphasis on the company’s advertising tools, including AdSense and AdMob. They are also going to share several resources to help beginners and newbies along with some tools and techniques as well.

There are going to be a number of notable speakers coming over from the Google offices in Singapore. These include:

  • Waqas Burney, Manager (Web), Strategic Online Partnerships – South Asia,
  • Ahmad Nawaz, Manager (Apps), Strategic Online Partnerships – South Asia,
  • Cymone Ding, Programs Specialist & University Recruiter,
  • Charlotte Park, University Programs Specialist.

Will They Come to Your University?

From the 30th of August to the 9th of September, they are going to be visiting a total of 9 universities. The dates and venues have been mentioned below:

  • Tue. 30th August, 2016
    Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
  • Wed. 31st August, 2016
    NED University of Engineering & Technology (NED)
  • Thu. 01st September, 2016
    National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)
  • Fri. 02nd September, 2016
    GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (GIKI)
  • Mon. 05th September, 2016
    Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  • Tue. 06th September, 2016
    University of Gujrat (UOG)
  • Wed. 07th September, 2016
    University of Central Punjab (UCP)
  • Thu. 08th September, 2016
    National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU)
  • Fri. 09th September, 2016
    University of Engineering & Technology (UET)

How Can You Register?

You can register for the event by going to the event’s page. More details regarding Agenda and Speakers can also be found over there.

Image Credits: Iba, FastCompany

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  • I have students who are interested in attending this session, Any idea who do I need to contact in order to make it happen.

    Let me know about it.

      • Will it let me bring people who are interested students from other universities. Like FC college. If I want our university students to attend the session – let’s say in UET or UCP?
        Let me know about it .

        • There isn’t any detail regarding students from other universities. However, you can select “Other” in the registration form so it depends if the university in question will allow those students to come in.

          I have reached out to Google for confirmation regarding this and will update the article when they respond.

          • Secondly I won’t be able to register myself as I’m part of the staff there and it is not giving any option for it apart from being a student

            Do you have any alternate means to register for the event for someone who is not a student?

            • It depends on the universities arranging the event. The first event is today at IBA and they have reserved a limited number of seats for the outsiders while only undergraduate students at IBA are allowed to attend it.

    • Well I’m not saying anything bad about COMSATS but do you really believe that its leading IT university?

      • Well, give it a try. Try knowing the faculty and facilities provided to IT students in COMSATS sometime.
        Random conclusions do not work everytime.

  • Aoa , i want to know that only these universities students can apply.. ?? Because the name of my university is not given in the list…

  • what will be next procedure after registration…?
    And what will be the timing….?
    how we will be informed?

  • Instead of GIKI (in KPK) they should select UET Peshawar/Peshawar University or IMSciences where all major instatites can participate. So now they have to goto Swabi. Amazing.

  • Can Someone who is a graduate now not a university student but he is a developer can he attend this events in other universities..?

  • AOA ! Can u plz come in International Islamic University,Islamabad?? we round about 200 students have registered into it but didn’t got any response. So kindly tell us if u can come. We’ll arrange it as a CO-seminar in our Old Campus,Faisal Mosque,Islamabad. Inshallah we’ll be more than 500 and really interested in this.
    Plz must reply me on my email.
    Waiting for response.
    Bilal Asif (Student of Software Engineering,IIUI)
    [email protected]

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