Google to Penalize Sites Using Popup Ads

According to recent news, Google will be constraining “intrusive” mobile popup ads by decreasing their rankings in its search results.

Google has doubled down on pop up ads on mobile, and it wants publishers to end this practice for good lest they want to be penalized by the search engine giant.

Crackdown on Popup Ads

What exactly do we mean when we say pop-up ads?

If a website shows a pop-up ad that covers the site’s content, be it right after a visitor opens a website or even after a time while surfing it, it will get ranked lower on Google’s search results.

This also includes popup ads which users need to dismiss to access the site’s content. Advertisements that cover half of a webpage will also get ranked lower on the search results.

Obtrusive ads example

These new changes are applicable to mobile only, where these ads are a problem due to smaller screens. The new changes will be applicable from January 10th 2017.

However, Google has given exceptions to certain kind of pop-ups. The pop-ups which show up to verify a user’s age or to notify you about a website’s cookies will not be included. This also includes small banner ads and login prompts to access the website.

What Effect Will this Move Have on Publishers and Other Websites?

Google is one of the most popular search engines around. No wonder it helps drive millions of users everyday towards various websites. With the new ranking change in its search algorithm, Google is giving websites a choice between good SEO, or annoying ads.

A lot of publishers use popups that require you to answer a question to access the website. They also use them to bring up a page before you get to the content you requested. Half screen ads are also a common practice among publishers, which require users to scroll down to access the content.

This is just one of a few factors that determine a website’s ranking in search results. Publishers will still need to change this common practice to achieve better search result rankings.

Google’s Efforts To Make the Web Mobile-Friendly

Google’s increased focus on mobile side of the spectrum is evident. Accelerated Mobile Pages are also one of their projects to make viewing experience on mobile a lot less messy and help pages load faster. Google is also removing the “mobile friendly” tag from the search results as more than 85% of the websites are now mobile optimized for viewing.

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