No More Snooping: HP’s New Laptops Come with Private Screens

HP has come up with a new integrated privacy screen designed in partnership with the company 3M. It will help stop what HP calls, “visual hacking” or in other words, people looking over on to your laptop’s screen. Dubbed the “Sure View screen”, it will be available with HP’s Elitebook 840 and Elitebook 1040 notebooks.

For Those Who Value Their Privacy inPpublic

Privacy filters are what people mostly use on their laptops to avoid unapproved peeks on their work. The filters are often cumbersome and annoying. They cost about $30-$80 per filter and damaging one requires a complete replacement.

For people who like to watch “videos” privately, HP’s Sure View will be very useful.

The privacy filter is also pretty easy to activate. You only need to press Fn+F2 to turn it on or off.

If you look at the screen from any other angle except for straight on, the screen dims progressively depending on what angle you look it from.

You can see it for yourself below:

Sure View Elitebook 840

Sure View Elitebook 1040

Potential Usage Scenarios

This can help when you are at an airport, coffee shop or a restaurant and don’t want others to peek at what you’re doing. Especially, if its sensitive financial information of your company or presentations you don’t want leaked.

This can be a problem often times as generally people just look at anyone’s laptop nonchalantly as there is nothing wrong with what they’re doing.

Sure View won’t prevent people from looking but at least its better than nothing and others can’t view your screen unless they are standing right over your head.

Prices are still not announced, but we expect the price of Sure View screen privacy tech to come bundled for higher end configurations of the Elitebook 840 and 1040, which cost $1,249 and $1,499. For the lower end notebooks, it could cost an extra $60-$80 from the base price.

The touchscreen versions will receive the new tech in September while non-touch versions will get it in October.

Via Engadget

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  • I think its time they make screens which can only be viewed via a special glasses which comes with the laptop :P

  • Isn’t this already the case with TN panels?
    But in the LED world, first they created the hype for wider viewing angles, and now they want to go back to privacy screens :D
    For me this is just another marketing gimmick, the feature is already there, its just that it was getting so many dislikes that they are now thinking of a solution for it to become a feature instead of thinking it as a downgrade.

    FYI – I do know that TN panel has limited viewing angle but is far more responsive as compared to any LED panel on the consumer grade level.

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