iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup: Here’s What to Expect

Apple is now sending out press invites for its next big event that will take place on the 7th of September. Apple didn’t confirm any details of the new products that it is launching at the event but the rumors suggest that they will launch the iPhone and probably a refresh of their Macbook series. The invitation card just has some bokeh lights in the shape of the top half of the Apple logo and a message on it.


iPhone 7 – What to Expect?

The release of a new iPhone is one of the most anticipated events of any year. And every year there are a huge number of leaks surrounding the new release. This time it was no different. Rumors started appearing on the internet soon after the release of the iPhone 6S. So let’s round them all up over here and see what is expected of the new iPhone.

1. Name

Well, iPhone 7. Already discussed that. But rumors suggest that there may be 3 different variants of iPhone 7 this time:

  1. iPhone 7
  2. iPhone 7 Pro
  3. iPhone Plus
Picture credits: Gizmodo.com
Picture credits: Gizmodo.com

As the names suggests, the iPhone 7 will be the basic one out of the three. Some reports however suggest that the “iPhone 7” will actually be called the iPhone 6SE, a continuation of the iPhone SE. So that will leave us with just just the iPhone 7 (Pro) and the iPhone 7 Plus.

2. Design

The design this year seems to be mostly the same (again) as that of the outgoing iPhone 6S. Just some of the minor tweaks that the rumors point to are the change in the antenna lines. They don’t go across the width of the phone anymore but now they are placed on the top and bottom of the phone. Other than that, the design is mostly going to be the same as before. Apple will also launch the iPhone with a new blue color as well that has showed up in renders.

Picture credits: Martin Hajek
Picture credits: Martin Hajek

3. Camera

Cdmg_C2UAAAvlaWThe camera sensor and the optics are expected to be upgraded in the new iPhones. The iPhone 7 Plus will most likely feature a dual-camera module, a first in any iPhone. A picture from MacRumors on Twitter showed us for the first time how it will look on the iPhone.

The advantage of the dual camera setup is that it would allow you to capture 3D images from a smartphone.

4. Headphone Jack

Ah yes, one of the most dreaded rumor of the new iPhone 7. Apple is expected to get rid of the of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone. What will it be replaced with? Well, the rumors point in the direction of the lightning port that is already being used as a charging port. Several Chinese manufacturers have come up with a 3D rendering of the new earphones that use the lightning port. Unbox Therapy was able to get one of them as a prototype too. It’s also hard to tell at this point whether Apple will have them packed inside the box or not too.

5. Waterproofing

According to a Chinese report, Apple is working on a new compound material that will repels water. The new material will also help remove the antenna lines, as discussed above. This material will allow radio waves to pass through the body of the phone and more importantly, give it waterproofing abilities. The material in question could be liquidmetal.

Apple acquired the patent to use it back in 2010 and have been using it ever since to make its SIM ejector tool that comes with every iPhone. The material itself is a type of aluminum that’s more tougher and water-resistant than regular aluminum.

Honestly, we don’t understand why Apple would spend so much on a new material to get waterproofing when they could’ve just enabled waterproofing in a software update.

That’s it for the iPhone 7 for now. We’ll be back with more details once it’s officially launched.

What feature are you looking forward to the most in iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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    “Honestly, we don’t understand why Apple would spend so much on a new material to get waterproofing when they could’ve just enabled waterproofing in a software update.”

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