Haier Deep Freezer Can Keep Your Eatables Cool for 4 Days Without Any Electricity

Haier deep freezers lead the market because of their innovative features and long lasting reliability, and are popular with shop and restaurants owners, hoteliers and house holders.

In fact anyone who needs to stores large quantities of food and other perishables even at times of extended power disruption, Haier claims that its Deep Freezers will maintain freezing temperatures for a whopping 100 hours without electricity in case of power supply disruption.

In addition to that Haier deep freezers come in various storage capacities to enable customers to choose the one that exactly meets their needs. Haier’s range includes the largest capacity deep freezer on the market today with a massive 545 liters (19 cu.ft.) of storage space, right down to 245 liters (8.7 cu ft.) The 3-layered door is leak proof and designed to retain the cooling at freezing point.


Pure Long Lasting Materials

The pure and virgin plastic used to mold the plastic parts is rust resistant, enhances the product life and, adds durability for years of reliable operation even in extreme operating conditions. All Haier deep freezers use CFC free refrigerants making them environment and habitat friendly.

The user friendliness is further enhanced by the high quality durable wheels, which make it easier for the user to move the deep freezer even when it is fully loaded.

With the festive season of Eid Ul Azha approaching fast, give yourself and your family a real present – a Haier Deep Freezer.

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