TV Channels Directed to Limit Foreign, Indian Content Under 10% of Airtime

Pakistani TV channels are strictly directed to limit any foreign and Indian content on their channels under 10% and that 90% of aired content must be produced / created with-in Pakistan, said a circular issued today by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

According to circular, Pakistani channels are asked again to remain with-in the allowed limit of 10% for foreign content that will include:

  • 6% content can be Indian
  • 4% content can be of any other origin.

PEMRA said that this allowed time for foreign content will also include any repeat broadcasts.

Programming Mix in Minutes (including repeat telecast):

  • Total Foreign Content Allowed: 4 Hours
    • Indian Content: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
    • Other foreign Content: 1 hour 36 minutes

Regulatory authority directed TV channels to ensure that 90% of aired content is indigenously produced.

TV channels are given 45 days to re-evaluate their programming mix and make sure that above mentioned SOPs are strictly followed by October 15th, 2016.

Any violations, after the deadline, will be dealt strictly, said the notice.

It maybe recalled here that above mentioned programming mix is already a rule for TV channels, however, it was not being followed. PEMRA now took the notice and decided to launch a crackdown against TV channels that are not following the rules.


  • and how about TV hosting sites being ran in Search engines, there should be banned on those too online tv hosting sites.

      • Bari teri chawal approach hai, kabootar samney ha, “Simple, Close your eyes”

        Sara din apni behno or bacho k samney nigraani kia karo baith ker k koi Indian Content na watch karey. Nonsense!

        Indian content must be banned 110% in Pakistan. They’re our ENEMIES. They’ve killed our COUNTLESS Innocent Muslim Brothers & Sisters in Kashmir. And you’ve No Problem with their content. Wah teri kia baat hai. They’ve already damaged a huge part of our culture & values.

        • Well you have to TURN ON TV and SWITCH TO CHANNEL to watch Indian movies, not as simple as opening eyes. You have other options. Option #1: don’t turn TV on. Option #2, if TV is on, don’t turn to Indian shows. Simple as that.

          Pathetics like you is why we had 3+ year ban on Youtube. And what did we gain from it? There is still blasphemy on the site. We are all just 3 years BEHIND rest of the world, including other Muslim countries almost all didn’t ban it.

          Not only that, because of the useless ban, we are laughing stock of tech world. And now this ban will make people laugh at us even more.

          “They’ve killed our COUNTLESS Innocent Muslim Brothers & Sisters in Kashmir.”

          So what? Banning will bring those Muslims back to life or stop them from killing more Muslims? What thinkings you have. Banning will achieve no success in Kashmir.

  • Indian content should also be banned on other mediums also.One can find a huge amount of Indian content on YouTube and social media sites.

    • ajeeb chawal insan lagta ho kahi altaf hussain ka voter tu nahi ………………tv and online are different source

  • Unbelievable people can’t stop watching but asking gov. to block it. We don’t need gov. to tell us what we can and can’t watch. Grow up people…learn to make your own choices. Don’t drag authorities into all matters

  • Too sad to hear that. Indian content band hone chahiye yeah to achi baat hai. laiken ap ko bhi world se muqqable pr dramas banane chahiye. Ap k pass acha banta hi kiya hai jo acha banta hai india me hai.

    • Sara Din Kapil Sharma Dekhney Walay Ab Boolain Ga Pakistan Main Aacha Banta He Kya Ha??
      Tum Jesay Log Kathrina Ka Thunka Dekh Ke Kush Hotay Ho Aur Agar Pakistani Larki Thumka Maray To Tumain Islam Yad Aa Jata Ha.
      Tum Logon Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta.

  • جب تک دو چار چینلوں اور کیبل آپریٹروں کو سخت سزا نہیں دی جائے گی، ہندوستانی مواد میں کمی نہیں ہوگی۔

  • Indian Content must be kicked out 110% of our channels once & for all. Indians are poisoning the innocent minds of our youth. I’m a layman, if I can understand this, why can’t the whole nation understand this???

    If someone wants to watch indian movies or dramas, they can watch on YouTube if it’s hard for them to survive without it, but we DO NOT need indian content on our TV channels. They’re our worst enemies, we need to realize this & treat them like our enemies.

  • Sick nation and its sick priorities. We will watch Indian content on internet. Take your TV controls and stick them up your ****

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