10,000 Pakistanis Applied for Asylum Abroad in 6 Months

Data gathered from Germany, England and the US has revealed that the number of Pakistani residents applying for asylum in these three specific western countries have spiked over the course of last year.

Total number of Pakistanis who have sought refuge in these countries has risen to over 10,000, with Germany topping the list of asylum applications.

Data from German Interior Ministry

Data from the German interior ministry shows that 9,185 Pakistani nationals have applied for asylum from January to July 2016, which includes repeat applications from 156 people.

According to reports, the number is nearly a threefold increase over the same period in 2015 where 2,546 Pakistanis applied for asylum.

Germany is already sheltering half a million migrants, which is why majority of the applications are now being rejected.

Furthermore, Berlin turned away about 13,000 people, including 529 Pakistanis, at its land borders from January to July 2016 for having invalid documents.

Stats from British Home Office

The data released by the British Home Office this week shows that Pakistanis applying for asylum was up from the 2,313 to 2,992 in June 2015 to June 2016, with only 16 percent of the applications being approved.

Data from US Migration Dept

The arrival of Pakistani refugees in United States has also peaked in 2016.

Data from the US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration shows that as many as 376 Pakistanis applied for refuge in the country in 2016.

Majority of the asylum seekers from Pakistan are reported to be Ahmadis, followed by Christians, Hindus and Shias.

Surveys Support the Data

The problem dates back to 1984, when a survey conducted revealed shocking results that even then, 17 per cent Pakistanis had expressed their desire to settle abroad.

Another survey conducted earlier this year showed that two thirds of the Pakistan’s adult population wanted to settle abroad for work and more than half of which had no desire to return to their homeland.

UNESCO claims that the highly skilled migration rate of Pakistan has increased more than 60 per cent from the years’ 1992 to 2000. It is evident that Pakistan clearly has a brain drain situation that it needs to take care of.

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  • I believe these people are those who just want to get out of this country in any way. They can sell anything even respect of their motherland. If that is so let them go because this country is better without them.

      • It is very easy to understand their reasons. Largest group of people seeking asylum overseas are Ahmadi. In more details:

        Data from US Department of State which classified refugees by religion
        showed that most of the 376 Pakistanis who applied for refuge in 2016
        were Ahmadis. Throughout the last five years, Ahmadis were the single
        largest group of Pakistanis seeking refuge in the US. Ahmadis accounted
        for over half of all Pakistani asylum applicants with 746 claimants. The
        data further revealed that 240 Christians and 66 Shias also sought

      • Most of these people are fraud who do fraud here and than hide apple for asylum. I know few cases like this and they get asylum because they invest the money they stole from people.

    • Well said, and the truth.

      I have family members go abroad saying that the belong to the Ahmadi/Qadiyani/Mirzai group and claim asylum. We belong to Sunni sect in Lahore.

      These family members were not poor or have any threat to them. They had lots of money and property that they are still getting income from. Allahumdulliah our whole family is well off and no one else has left Pakistan, we are all Pakistani educated.

      They regularly visit Pakistan saying how they miss it etc, but they are disowned by us and the rest of the family because Islam is worth less to them than their drink and western lifestyle.

      • o rona band ker de yar. What do you get from selling, drinking, eating and wearing Islam? It’s just a religion, follow it in your personal life but don’t impose it on others. You are pathetic to cut your relations with them in the name of Islam. Probably you’re jealous of them cuz they got even more money now and you can never catch up with them!

        • What has money got to do with it. Money is a number and only a number.
          We have visa for multi year for US, Uk, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy.

          Every year we travel abroad for the summer staying for a couple of months.

          So what you are saying is complete and utter $hit. It is about religion and being grateful to Allah (SWT) for the blessings he has given you in your motherland.

          Not giving ammo to other countries, so they can say minorities are claiming asylum because Muslims are not tolerant.

          • Yar mere bhai, are you going to create a pickle of all the multiple visas you have got for all those countries? (actually having multiple visas of that many countries doesn’t make any sense to me). Instead you could have figured out a way to claim asylum in only one of those countries such as US and then used your US citizenship to roam around 200+ countries without the need of obtaining any visas. Also, after getting so many multiple entry visas why are you wasting your time on a Pakistani tech (which is not so tech any more) blog? You should be making big business deals or signing corporate MOUs if you were that busy a personality.
            Yes, ‘the Truth’ will set you free, (the one I just told you above).

          • Yar Allah ki blessings leni hain tau jao Afghanistan, or you should go to Syria and join Daesh. Get direct blessings from Allah by getting blasted in His way or blasting others in His way..!
            Why do you go to western ‘so-called non Islamic’ countries every six months? I know, cuz you don’t get to see as much ‘skin’ in Pakistan. You don’t get your freedom and privileges in Pakistan (freedom to drink, smoke, fornicate). Yes, I know, all these freedoms are available to every body in western countries.
            If you are really able to go abroad and spend 6 months as you say, which I highly doubt, you must be doing some ‘illegal’ business. To me any business is illegal, where you usurp rights of your employees, you treat them badly, you cut their wages, you put them in bad working environment, you don’t pay them in time, you don’t take the responsibility of their health, you don’t care about their personal/family lives ,.. I hope you got my point). With that definition, NOT EVEN A SINGLE BUSINESS in Pakistan is Halal.
            You want to be grateful to Allah for a Haram business? Awesome! keep living your dream..!

  • Well it’s very normal…gets stats from any third world country, India for example I guarantee you the numbers will be 100 times more…infact numbers are less than what they were 5 years ago

  • I want to give my Pakistan Nationality for US nationality, Uk naitonality, Australian, candian, european… Is there any way to swap or exchange….

  • I live in Milan, Italy and I am not an asylum seeker I am running my own respectable business here. However, I went to a refugee shelter in Turin city to help if someone needs and found out some Pakistanis from Lahore and Gujranwala were there and they told the administration that their lives are under threat back in Pakistan when I asked the admin what threat did they have to face in Pakistan? the innocent Italian woman who happened to be their coach said ”threats from Taliban.” I was like WTF? what Taliban have to do with Gujranwala and Lahore? so I figured out that these two bastardos were lying and living on Italian government expenses in the name of ”refugees.” making like a real hell for real refugees. There must be thousands of them doing the same. Congratulation Pakistanis, some of us are lower than the low. I hope Germany and other countries will decline their requests for asylum and deport them back to Pakistan, really don’t wanna see lowlives here and there.

    • bhai jb pet khali ho na to banda kuch bhe karne ko tayar hojata hae. Taliban aur Islamiazation se westerns darte haen and so these guys came up with this idea that it will work out well. Ethically not good but majbur log haen. Peche khandan ko bht masle masail hote haen. Kia karen bechare. Check the decline of Pak currency over the years. We were at par with U.S dollar when Pakistan came into being and now lower than bangladesh. This jamhuriat is a cancer to Pakistan. A person who is killer of many peoples gets elected as mayor of Karachi and look at the justice system they just give him clean chit immediately to take oath and there are cases lingering for decades and no justice served. This is my friend Pakistan not Europe.

      • there is one thing called “dignity”, a real man can give his life for it. He will not sell the respect of his daughter, or mother for this purpose. The people who disgrace their homeland just to make their asylum case stronger are just traitors. Even Pakistani govt. should send them behind the bars when they are sent back by the European govt.s

  • When there is parchi system, when budget for metros buses and trains is many multiple of education and health, when there is shortage of energy and no all kind of taxes levied upon and evading own business taxes then this exodus of young people will and continue to happen.

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