Ban on Maalik Declared Illegal by Sindh High Court

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has declared the controversial ban on Ashir Azeem’s directorial “Maalik” null and void. The movie is likely to be released again in the near future all across Pakistan.

The ban, imposed three weeks after the movie’s nationwide release, raised a lot of eyebrows about freedom of expression on social media sites. The Federal Ministry of Information declared the movie as “uncertified” and “anti-Pakistan”.

“The information ministry reserves the right to ban any film at any time. Maalik has been banned because it shows a former chief minister as a man of corruption and opulence,” a ministry official quoted Section 9 of the Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979.

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Ashir Azeem, the director behind Maalik, challenged the ban in SHC claiming that the movie was made with full cooperation of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR). He also said that neither ISPR nor the Federal Ministry have any grounds to oppose nor any authority to do so.

He spoke bluntly stating:

The story and script of the film is not directed towards the government or the working of the government at large. The film was made with the intention to highlight the political and social issues of Pakistan.

Furthermore, he added that establishing censor boards was a prerogative of provincial governments following the 18th Amendment.

Headed by SHC Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, a two-judge bench cleared the film for screening across the country after hearing arguments from film director’s lawyers and additional attorney generals.

Using social media website Twitter, Asher Azeem expressed his joy saying: “We waited patiently [and] we did not release the film illegally. We suffered but kept faith and today we are vindicated.”

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  • This judgement is just to please their Papa in Pindi.
    I have seen it in Cinema and it was rightly banned as it clearly tries to defame democratic setup and politicians. It also shows every policeman as corrupt. This is disgraceful to the Police who have more sacrifices against terrorism.

    The movie is totally biased against politicians and looks like a deliberate attempt by ISPR company to defame political setup.

    • So you’re saying that film defames democratic setup and politicians by highlighting their problems; shows policemen as corrupt and defames political setup. What exactly is wrong or incorrect with all that?

    • Police is corrupt! there is no doubt in it.
      Politicians are mostly corrupt or have ill-intentions towards Pakistan. What’s wrong?

    • So according to you, Police and Politicians are not corrupt in Pakistan? Have you ever been to Pakistan? Kabhi kisi kamzoor aur gharib ke sath 4,5 din guzarain Munib sb.

    • Thora sa aur rolay Munib. Or phr jakr dobara Noon League ko vote day. I can bet you wont leave any member of your family near any police officer without worrying about them 24/7.

  • If it comes back in cinemas, I will definitely go watch it at least once. Anything to expose the corrupt dictatorial politicians, political parties and corrupt ruthless police should be appreciated.

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