PITB to Facilitate Sindh Free of Charge

On directions of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, PITB will facilitate Sindh free of charge, said Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB in a statement.

This was announced during Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah’s visit to PITB yesterday, where he thanked Punjab IT Board for implementing ICT interventions in Sindh on the pattern of Punjab.

CM Sindh also said that there is a lot of room for further cooperation and they will collaborate further to learn from PITB and implement various other initiatives in Sindh.

Earlier this year, Sindh Chief Secretary, Siddique Memon wrote a letter to the Punjab government in which he requested to acquire the software for deployment in Sindh that was developed by PITB for Punjab Police.


A shield was presented to CM Sindh by Dr. Saif as a token of appreciation for visiting PITB

At the meeting Punjab Education and Sports Minister, Rana Mashood was also present. Sindh delegates appreciated the efforts of PITB for their contributions in improving governance methods.

“It was indeed a pleasure to visit the PITB and learn about their various initiatives. The government of Sindh is already in contact with the PITB and I am grateful for the help that PITB is providing to Sindh Police. There is a lot of room for further cooperation and I am sure that we will collaborate further to learn from the PITB and implement these initiatives in Sindh,” stated Murad Ali Shah after he signed the guest book and appreciated PITB’s assistance in digitizing Sindh Police.

CM Sindh also indicated that he will “replicate” and “implement” similar initiatives in Sindh as those taken by the Punjab Information Technology Board.

Image Credits: PITB

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  • If someone in Pakistan can bring about change in the government, this guy Dr. Umar Saif is one to watch out for…

  • CM Murad Ali Shah please follow first step from Punjab government and remove the 18 percent Sindh service tax on Internet. Because of this tax Sindh is lagging behind Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory in Internet Broadband penetration.

  • Punjab province is far ahead of other province in e-government, entrepreneurship and citizen facilitation initiatives. They should replicate these initiative in all the other provinces of Pakistan in order to avoid charges like “Punjab loot kyaa khaa gyaa” “Punjab is sitting on all resources” “Punjab is not giving rights to smaller provinces”.

    The fact of the matter is because of its educated youth, visionary leadership and courage to take new innovative initiative, Punjab is historically ahead of other provinces.

    • yea right. We said the same for eastern pakistan and ultimately Bangladesh happened. Look where today Bangladesh stands and where Pakistan stands.

      First step towards correction is admitting mistakes. Until we cannot admit our mistakes, we cannot solve our problems. South punjab is disaster. Balochistan is disaster. Karachi is disaster. All these contribute to federal revenue. but get pennies in return. from federal govt.

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