Here are Some of the Funniest Reactions about iPhone 7 Reveal on Social Media

For a phone that was the worst kept secret ever, the iPhone 7 is still making headlines.

From its lack of a headphone jack to newfound water-resistant superpowers (something that Android had for ages), the iPhone 7 has become the target of jokes and ridicule (as well as glowing praise) on social media.

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We take a look at some of the best reactions to the iPhone 7 on social media.

Some people got no chill. At all:

Some continued to live in denial until the last possible moment.

Old skool listening to music is dead with the iPhone 7.


Is the iPhone 7 perfect? Nokia would like to have some words with you.

Hold the Door? Hodor?

This one hits too closer to home:


Narcos dekhnay walay hazraat. Samajh toh gayey hongay aap :)


Some brands even got into trolling the inclusion of ‘brand new’ features.

And you thought they were the only one? No sir, no:

And then there’s this:

Last but not the least:

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be taken lightly. Just not as lightly as those hot Note 7s.

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  • Narcos dekhnay walay hazraat. Samajh toh gayey hongay aap :)

    I’m still getting the iPhone 7.

    — Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz) September 8, 2016

    Someone please throw some light on above quote and explain.

    • Show is on based Pablo Escobar the biggest drug lord ever lived. His trade was equal to GDPs of South Asian countries combined. SO YES HE CAN GET THE DAMN IPHONE 7 when he wanted,,,
      though he is dead….

      now watch the show

      • Yes I am already following that show and watched season 1 and now watching season 2 and I have watched Episode 5 till now.

        Thanks for your input though.

  • I can bet, everyone shit talker is still gonna get one or at least would be eager to check it out. Let’s wait for the pre-sale figures.

  • Apple devices especially iPhone is far better than all android/windows devices especially Samsung. Those who have used only Android, kindly use iOS as well before saying Apply anything. Why Apple is responsible for your Fakeeri? Why all of world is out saying “Grapes are Sour”. Those who even don’t have penny in pocket are out there making fun of Apple devices.

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