Nayatel is Offering Free Upgrade with 25Mbps During Eid

Nayatel, the FTTH broadband service provider in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, has just announced that it is upgrading its customers with free 25Mbps of unmetered speed during Eid Holidays.

This upgrade is valid for all home users for all data plans.

Nayatel said that this upgrade under Eid Promotion will be valid from 10 September 2016, 00:00 hours to 14 September 2016, 23:59 hours.

Company said that any data used during this time will not be metered and customers will not be billed for any data usage, regardless of their respective monthly data limits.

Nayatel mentioned that some customers might not be able to achieve full 25 Mbps bandwidth because of their router processing or Wi-Fi limitations. Also that customers may face service interruption up to 10 minutes during the activation and deactivation of this promo bundle.

This is not the first time that Nayatel has upgraded the speeds of its fiber optic broadband customers, but this is the first time they have introduced 25Mbps speeds.

  • If there is 1 thing I dislike about living in Bahria Town, it’s the absence of NTL and having to stick with crappy PTCL :(

  • While I appreciate the free speeds, they should upgrade their base packages instead. Their highest package has been stuck at 5/10 Mbps for a century.

      • I mean I would be happy with a full throttle 10 Mbps but the time limits and the periodic downscaling to 5 Mbps do not amuse me. I may just revert to PTCL. I went with Nayatel to see it grow but they are moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to bandwidth.

  • نیاٹیل کی سروس لاہور میں کب سے شروع ہونے کا امکان ہے؟

  • Not sure if there are any other Nayatel Customers who have the same experience, but I have never been able to achieve their Maximum speed using single stream. For example, if I try to download a Microsoft ISO image using http, it never reaches the maximum, however, if I use Torrent to download Linux ISO, get 100% advertised speed.

  • well contrary to all complaints about ptcl’s crappy service i live in hayatabad Peshawar and i get 95-100% of promised speed of ptcl broadband

    • Sirf speed hi sb kch ni hoti. Browsing, streaming, and more importantly latency matters. Apnay to krdi PTCL support wali bat k bhai speed puri mil rhi h to hum apkay baki issues ka kchni kr skte. I get full speeds on my PTCL but their routing to servers sucks so I have moved to another provider. But yes, PTCL has a CRAPPY service.

      • o bhai sahib mujhay 16 saal ho gaye hain internet use kartay, browsing, streaming, downloading waghera sub cheezon ka pata hay, in short ye k her aspect se may satisfied hoon

        • You wouldnt have said this if you knew what LATENCY actually means ^^ I can’t find ONE PTCL customer who is happy to game on international servers with PTCL ^^

  • What a pain in the butt PTCL in bahria town rwp is…I cant even state my agony..My countless visits to exchange with constant changes in pairs/mdf dp etc etc..I am stuck at 4mbps now i was using 8mbps before i ventured into bahria..Ptcl destroyed my online gaming spree ..We need nayatel in bahria.Bahria is the worst when it comes to broadband.

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