Make Your Travels Simpler With Google Trips App

Google is venturing into travel apps business. Well not quite on directly booking stuff but close.

Back in April this year Google started testing “Google Trips”. Its sort of a travel app which helps you organize all your travel information in one place.

After about half a year of testing, its finally out into the wild and is now official.

Introducing Google Trips

Planning trips is never easy. There can be dozens of things to account for and keep track of. Often times you may forget something important on the way. Friends and relatives also recommend a lot of things when you tell them you are about to go somewhere for holidays/vacation. Tour guides, hotel booking, ride rental, places to visit etc.

Trying to contain all that information can be difficult. But now it seems that Google has figured out how to keep it all in place for you.

All of Your Travel Stuff in One Place

Google Trips will automatically organize your trip for you. It will use information saved in Gmail (booking receipts for example). Your trips will have a specific agenda, places to visit and things to do at those places saved by Google trips.

On top of that, Google trips will also collect your flight/bus/rental car details, hotel bookings and restaurant bookings in one place to save your time.

The app will notify you once you’re near a popular destination and will also give you reviews and ratings by other visitors.

Another good thing about this app is that you can save all of your travel and booking information offline. You just need to tap Download to save all of that info offline in case you don’t get data services or signals at the place you’re going to.

Google Trips is Available for Android and iOS now.


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