Whatsapp Introduces Group Chat Mentions, GIFs and More in Latest Update

On social media, many people expressed their discomfort when it came to group chat conversations, especially when using Whatsapp.

The users were very keen in asking for a feature which allows users to scroll directly to the related part with their name being tagged then having to go through the entire conversation to do so.

It seems that Whatsapp has finally granted them their wish. WhatsApp has added a much need option which allows users to tag other group chat members in the latest update (Version 2.16.272).

How to Use @mentions in Group Chats

To tag a group member, all you have to do is use the symbol @ and select them from the drop down list and add them as a mention.

This feature is very similar to the method of tagging people on Twitter and WhatsApp competitor Telegram.

But that’s not the only new feature that Whatsapp is getting in this update.

If you are getting annoyed by increasing number of messages in the group chat but you can not mute the chat either, well, now you can! The new Whatsapp chat allows users to still get notification in muted chats if a member has mentioned him/her using “@”.

Whatsapp previously added the option to quote messages, a welcome change by the messaging giant. By introducing this feature, people might not feel that annoyed with a thousand messages waiting them in group chats.

Future Updates

Telegram may not be competing with WhatsApp in terms of users but it has the world’s most used messaging app beat in terms of features. However, that could soon change as WhatsApp plans to bring in features which have been Telegram exclusive for quite some time.

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iOS users can now successfully send, receive and view gifs in conversations. However, Android users still cannot properly do that. Whatsapp is aiming to fix the issue in future updates.

For people who are concerned about their security, Whatsapp has also promised to bring a two step authentication system in the coming versions.

The new service agreement also reports that bots will also feature on Whatsapp for further automated help:


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  • Please make spelling correction of word “mesaging” to “messaging” in 5th Paragraph “Whatsapp previously…..mesaging giant” under heading “How to Use @mentions in Group Chats”.

      • Bro its not about the number of users, its about features and tbh you are wrong about Whatsapp being far better than telegram. The most exciting features telegram provides are
        Full chat backup just like fb/messenger with pictures on the cloud yet the messages and media are encrypted and can’t be even accessed by telegram authorities themselves. I still remember telegram showed end to end encryption while Whatsapp was soo late to introduce it.
        Next best feature I am loving is the message edit feature. You can edit any messages from previous 2 days on telegram which a lot of im lacks, then there are secret chats with self destruct which Google allo just introduced but telegram had this for a long time, telegram also supports embedding of many media content soo instead of going directly to the wesite to watch video or pictures mostly it just provides it in the app
        Then the built in local passcode feature
        Then again telegram is an independent client just like fb messenger , works on both your phone and desktop without the need of your phone to be connected. Another thing which I noticed was the message sending time is relatively very fast soo nope Whatsapp ain’t even close to telegram in sending messages you press send on tele you don’t see that waiting / queue clock on them messages they are delivered right away and you see single tick (sent) as soon as you press send no matter how big the msg is,
        Yes there is only one thing it lacks, telegram doesn’t show the delivered ticks
        It shoes single tick (sent) and a double tick (read)
        I hope that was enough :p

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