Twitter Expands It’s 140 Character Limit

As Twitter struggles for growth, the best way forward, it has decided, is to give users more freedom to express themselves.

Twitter has rolled out its expanded tweets feature, meaning media attachments are no longer counted within the 140 character limit. This will allow you to share a link, add polls, quote other users or insert videos, GIFS and photos without having to skimp on what you wanted to say.

Until now, any of these options could take up to 23 of these scant characters. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reckons these changes will allow the network to simplify its offering and allow it to reach more people, and provide them more power.

The changes were first announced in May but only now are they being made available to users worldwide.

Twitter has been adding numerous features in recent times to catch up with younger rivals. It recently added the a poll option and the ability to retweet oneself.

Future changes include the ability to send a tweet to multiple users without their names taking up space inside a tweet. These are not groundbreaking features as such, but they will all make the Twitter experience more expressible.

After all, some of us do want those 140 characters for our tweets.

Recently, Twitter has been under fire for failing to grow as significantly as other social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram. With Instagram surpassing Twitter with 300 million accounts a few months back, the pressure is on for Jack Dorsey and co. to make the microblogging site a viable option for its investors. How Dorsey and his team make Twitter a more mainstream product is more important than ever, and the recent change in how tweets are formatted are reflective of this philosophy.

  • The time Twitter takes to reload a page meantime I can signup 10 accounts on any other social media site and the issue with the video attachments you can’t play a video older then 4 or 5 hours playback error…!!! ?

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