3G/4G Users in Pakistan About to Reach 33 Million

3G and 4G users in Pakistan are about to hit the 33 million mark in Pakistan, said the latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Total number of 3G and 4G users reached 32.70 million by the end of August 2016, according to the recent most stats by the regulator.

Mobilink tops the league with 10.41 million 3G users while Telenor lags behind with 8.80 million 3G users on its network.

Zong reported that it had 6.75 million 3G users on its network by the end of reported month and Ufone stood with 5.25 million 3G users by the time.

Zong, for its 4G network, reported 921,526 4G users while Warid reported 555,167 LTE users by end of August.

Pakistani Mobile phone companies, during August 2016, added a combined total of 919,513 3G and 4G users to their networks.

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Mobile Phone Subscriptions About to Touch 134 Million Mark

Mobile phone users, overall in the country, reached 133.91 million with Mobilink topping the charts at 40.13 million subscribers with 640,907 new additions during the month of August 2016.

Telenor, for the first time in a long time, showed negative growth during August 2016 and lost some 20,069 customers — under the head of data cleanup — during the reported period.

Ufone lost 362,374 customers during the month to finish with 19.13 million subscribers a the end of August.

Zong and Warid reported 25.89 million and 10.71 million subscribers respectively.

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