Free Giveaway: Download EaseUS Partition Master Professional for Free (Worth 39.95$)

EaseUS is offering its flagship hard disk management tool for free to ProPakistani readers for a limited amount of time.

The offer is meant for Pakistani customers and will last for only 48 hours. By availing this opportunity you can save about $39.95 off the normal price or $19.97 in upgrade costs.

Partition Master Professional is the most used disk management tool with over 30 million users worldwide. What makes it unique is its simplicity and ease of use that even a newbie can manage their hard disks like a professional.

While EaseUS does offer a free version of the software, it lacks some pretty significant features available in the professional edition.

What Does Partition Master Professional Offer

The software has received 5-star ratings from CNET and Softpedia’s editors thanks to the number of features on offer and the ease of use. It is an all-in-one disk partition & management tool and can also be used as a partition/disk copy wizard and partition recovery wizard. You can create bootable CD/DVDs using Partition Master.

Some of the main features of EaseUS Partition Master Professional are listed below:

  • Resize and Move partitions without any data loss and make better use of your PC or laptop’s hard drive.
  • Easily merge two adjacent partitions in to a bigger one. Once again without any data loss.
  • Copy partitions or hard disks with ease.
  • Users can also migrate OS from one disk to another use this tool. It also supports HDD to SSD migration in case you get a solid state drive for Windows but don’t want to reinstall everything again.
  • You can convert your partition from one format to another, e.g. FAT to NTFS, without even restarting your PC or losing any data.
  • Primary partitions can also be converted to logical partitions with this tool.
  • More technical users can convert MBR to GPT and vice versa without damaging their data.
  • Securely wipe your partitions or hard disk making the previous data completely irrecoverable for security purposes.
  • Partition Master Pro support harddisks of up to 16TB

When compared with the free version of the software, you only get 8TB support and the ability to merge or resize partitions. Partition/disk cloning and recovery tools and several other features are not available to free users.

Partition Recovery features are mentioned below.

  • You can recover partitions from unallocated space in case some hardware/software error or a virus attack deletes your partitions.
  • The tool provides an automatic recovery tool for non-technical people and a manual recovery option for the more technically sound.
  • You can also create WinPE rescue disks to fix your PC when it doesn’t boot.

How to Avail the Free Giveaway

The free giveaway will start at 12PM PST on 23 September 2016 (tomorrow) and will be live for the next two days. During this period, you can save nearly $40 by downloading the software for free.

You can avail the offer by going to the giveaway page when it launches and download EaseUS Partition Master Professional and its free offline registration key. Do note, however, that you will not be getting free technical support with the giveaway.

Free Partition Master Pro Giveaway: Download Here for Free

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  • LMAO, Propakistani riding on the popularity of the giveaway. This has got nothing to do with them, it’s just one of the regional giveaways EaseUS often do. Really cheap PP. That’s a new low, even for you guys.

      • Agar yeh scene hai tu phir tu it would have been better ke woh aapko serial number de dete aur aap hi apni site par dal dete along with the License ID and download link. Us tarah se logon ko lagta ke its you who have arranged this giveaway.

        Khair anyways if you have arranged this then thumbs up to you (Y)

      • Oh, did they? Without mentioning you guys even once?

        Fact is, they do these giveaways often in different regions. Which is how I already have a copy I grabbed from a recent giveaway for Romania. But whatever, who am I to crush someone’s dreams. ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯

        • Well pro pak staff messes things some times but Aamir is a honest guy and doesnt lie . Would have been better if orginal writer clears the confusion instead of Aamir.

      • Well pro pak staff messes things some times but Aamir is a honest guy and doesnt lie . Would have been better if orginal writer clears the confusion instead of Aamir..

  • i got the key from their site but they are offering 11.8 version and version mention in the key is different Product: EaseUS Partition Master Professional 10.8… from where i can download the setup exe file ver 10.8?

  • Partition Master Professional is the most used disk management tool with over 30 million users worldwide.

    I don’t believe this line. Where is evidence.

      • What a dumb question.

        Okay genius, tell me: who collects statistics for which partition program is used the most? Where are their statistics? Show me?

        It’s as if you’ll believe anything marketing material. Here’s one for you: Nabeel, the most gullible commenter on ProPakistani.

  • The most essential tool for an advance user is now for free. Thanks ProPakistani for the gift :). Visiting here often is fruitful.

    • Bhai you better purchase that, IDM tu koi nahi dega free main :-) Aur IDM itna expensive bhi nahi around 2.5k hai for 3 years which is nothing for a great software like IDM.

        • Hamza bhai baat afford karne ki nahi hai, baat yeh hai ke hum logon ko aadat hai free softwares use karne ki :-) so is liye aisi cheez ke liye paise nikalna mushkil lagta hai sabko. Halanke dekha jae tu its around 800rs per year. Which I think most people can afford because sirf internet par hi average log 500-800 tak tu laga hi dete hain per month.

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